Waitrose Christmas Advert 2014 "The Gingerbread Stall"

Oh Wow. Such a powerful and an emotional advert at the same time. Oh those tears came out for this one. The song “Try” sung by Donate Your Voice Choir made it really emotional. T_T
This one is about a young girl called Ellie who I think is like a tomboy and doesn’t like cooking (or volunteering). When the teacher asks her help to help with the Gingerbread Stall she doesn’t look amused. But she trys in the end and even asks for help from a staff member at the Waitrose store when she was encouraged by her mother. Ellie tries and tries and was struck down by burnt biscuits or the dog destroying a whole batch… oh dear. In the end it was all successful… The final bit at the end of the ad got me all emotional when Ellie gives a gingerbread to the lady at the Waitrose store for helping her all the way! Awwwww. 

I love this kind of emotional advert. Ah, well done to Waitrose advertising team! ^^

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