John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014 "Monty The Penguin"

Have reached the John Lewis Christmas advert now… but OH NO John Lewis, NOT AGAIN… the penguin theme looks a bit daft. It’s one of those ads when you think aaah, a nice penguin is a friend to a young boy, but then it’s spoiled at the end because he’s actually playing with a stuffed penguin who looks all dirty and he thinks that his penguin pal needs a playmate as they’ve been watching soppy, romantic movies and couples together. Hmmm, I think the John Lewis team should have stuck with the animated penguin and ended it with something John Lewis. Even the mother in the ad thought it looked lame! (¬,¬”) It’s a big shame for those who like adverts to be more entertaining although it has been quite successful with the penguin merchandise. To be honest I would rather go to London Zoo and see real penguins than pay for a £95 stuffed toy!!! ¬,¬””
By the way Bus 45 in London does not go to Heswall, it goes to Blackfriars and the other way it goes to Streatham… I know this because I use this bus some of the time. Apparently it’s to pay homeage to the director’s hometown. Never heard of the town… 

It’s sweet but not my kind of Christmas ad. I think Sainsbury’s have done better than this! 😛

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