Boots Christmas Advert 2014 "Special Because"

I love Boots. It always (almost) has what you need when you need it. This ad actually surprised me when a family surprised the mother of the family who happens to be an NHS nurse who had worked on Christmas Day and made it home on Boxing Day. 
There’s even a glimpse of a Boots store in the ad! Yay! So different from last year!
I believe we should thank those who work over Christmas holidays (anyone who works in the public sector really). It can be tough during this time of the year with the cold winter and no one around you to enjoy the holidays. 😦
And yep, I cried at the end. T_T”” Hey! 

So don’t forget to buy your Christmas gifts at Boots if you’re stuck… There’s loads of stuff you can buy for women, men, teenagers and kids!!