Burberry Christmas Advert 2014 "From London With Love"

A different twist in the Christmas adverts this year. Last year I blogged about Baileys, don’t like this years one so I’m blogging about Burberry’s “From London With Love” featuring Romeo Beckham. Yes that’s right, The Beckham’s second child who seems to have followed in his mother’s footsteps rather than his father’s is featured in this Christmas advert (well he added a little football kick at the end of the ad, so has a bit of his father). 
It’s all very uniform with Burberry, same coats, same scarves, same dresses, same everything, except that all the dancers are different. Burberry’s style is basically the same all year round. ¬,¬” Romeo is like a little dancing matchmaker with his Burberry gift box trying to get a couple together whether it rains or snows (as it does in London) and spreading the Burberry love.

Not bad with Romeo Beckham’s good looks. And not a bad advert. It’s beautifully choreographed with a nice song by Ed Harcourt (an English singer and songwriter).

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