Morrisons Christmas Advert 2014

Morrisons have calmed down this year with the song “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and hardly any Gingerbread Man animation (it must’ve cost a lot).
You know what, I didn’t even know that brussel sprouts grew on stalks. ¬,¬” That’s a good educational start from Morrisons! Hah. Anyway, there’s fewer scenes of Ant and Dec and it seems Morrisons have taken the point of adding people who would actually shop at Morrisons and also the workers that work there. They show bits and pieces of their food and at the end they show a family having a big Morrisons feast.

A very simple and classic like Christmas advert. I like it (but didn’t like how it started with a movie like production – looks too cheesy)!

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