Littlewoods and Littlewoods Ireland Christmas Advert 2014

My 500th post!! Woohoo. 
Here’s two Christmas adverts from Littlewoods. One is the UK version and the other is the Ireland version and they both seem to get straight to the point.
The UK version shows Mylene Klass coming out of a lamp like a genie does and granting wishes by changing the stall items into Littlewoods items. Basically Littlewoods has everything you want in one place so it’s easier for you to shop either online or in store. A simple and short advert and not 3 minutes long thankfully!

The Ireland version is very straight to the point. It’s called “The Night Before Christmas” and here we have Caroline Morahan who is a TV host presenting a short poem about shopping online with Littlewoods Ireland. The only thing is the title… would you really shop the night before Christmas and get your delivery on Christmas Day?! Not sure about that. But this is a nice advert told in a classic story like tale that you would tell your children at night. ^_^

Well both are very clever adverts. Just like the simplicity of them both!

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