Round Up Christmas Adverts 2014

Ok, so I’m getting bored of blogging about the UK Christmas adverts, therefore I decided to round up the rest of the Christmas adverts that I was going to blog about… There’s only five more…
Lidl – The Little Present
Very simple Christmas ad from Lidl. Just how I like it! It’s set in Hertfordshire and the people of Hertfordshire were invited for an early Christmas dinner and then were all guessing where all the food came from… They all got it wrong! The food is all from Lidl. Simply a surprised effect. 

Harrods – The Land of Make Believe

Harrods Christmas advert seems a bit too serious for me. A slightly depressing story of a young mouse called Peter Pumpernickel who couldn’t help his fellow mouse men but Santa appeared and got Peter Pumpernickel to switch on the lights for the Harrods store. This type of story telling advert makes me want to cringe. ¬,¬”” 

House of Fraser

Oh dear. We have a slightly boring advert House of Fraser this year where the models are asked questions about Christmas and then they surprise their loved ones at the end with a gift. Basically not the best Christmas advert of the year!

Iceland – Peter Andre, Desserts

Next one is from Iceland (the supermarket). It features Peter Andre who gets recognised by the “public” and he seems to think that people are talking about the food and not really about him. It’s like an embarrassing advert for Peter Andre here. I think Iceland could have done better than this.

Argos – Get Set For Advent

😦 Argos have changed tactics this year. Instead of featuring the Alien Family they’ve gone for a dancing go-go fun advert. I like the Aliens! So we have RUN-DMC singing “Christmas in Hollis” and people just dancing or going round and round on roller skates with lots of Argos items available in their store. It’s an ok ad. I wouldn’t give it 10/10 but at least they had a think about what people would like. Funky and fun.

That’s it on the UK Christmas adverts. I’ll start blogging about the international ones soon! ^_^

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