International Christmas Adverts 2014: Part 1 – IKEA

It’s my third year blogging about international Christmas adverts and I’m not bored of it yet! Miss Pinky and Mr Picky just love these blogposts. That’s why I keep carrying on!
To start off with, here’s a few from the giant company IKEA. This year there aren’t that many Christmasy ads as they’re all focusing on the toys for Unicef like they had done last year.


The first one is from the originators of IKEA and the title translates to “Everything For Your Preparations for Christmas”. We’ve all come across a disastrous Christmas period (if you haven’t then you’re lucky!). In this advert it talks about how preparing for Christmas is disastrous even if the items in the ad are from IKEA. But disastrous happenings can always come to an end if you have another idea to overcome it.

Siberia – La Otra Navidad de IKEA
“The Other Christmas IKEA” advert from Siberia is quite a hilarious one! These two old ladies talked to one boy they know and asked what he got for Christmas. He took out a gingerbread man cookie cutter. Now why would a child get that for Christmas?! But it seems he had fun making gingerbread men with his family and the boy didn’t explain that to the old ladies, raised his eyebrows and ran off. LOL! The old ladies looked at him in amazement.

France – Noël magique IKEA x DOOLITTLE
The French advert “Christmas Magic IKEA x DOOLITTLE” is slightly boring. A workshop is held for children and their parents and getting them to become creative for the day. So I guess they’re using all IKEA products for this workshop… Get creative kids, get creative!

Russia – ИКЕА будит любовь в Новый год
And this last one I found on YouTube is from Russia. “IKEA awakens love in the New Year” is the translation. It’s a very short advert of 10 seconds long telling of two parents who have shopped in IKEA and using the toys to play with their children whilst the voiceover tells people to buy their Christmas stuff from IKEA.

The Sweden and Siberia ones are my favourites! Can’t wait to find more International Christmas adverts. ^____^

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