Work Christmas Parties 2014 @The Crooked Well and @Work

Unfortunately this year my teams didn’t go into great lengths to organise a great venue for me to blog about this year…
So here’s a just a round up of only two parties (mainly the food). One in a pub in Camberwell and one at my work place. Hohoho.
The pub we went into is called The Crooked Well which is hidden in the back streets of Camberwell. I think those who work around the area or know the area so well would be able to find it. The pub is Michelin recommended. I can see why. It is quite posh compared to the rough edges of urban Camberwell.

The Crooked Well

We ended up being upstairs I thought we would be downstairs eating fancy dinners, but that was not the case… we ended up being upstairs eating buffet like food…

Sausage rolls

Fried squid – fancy calamari really (my favourite)

BBQ chicken

Cous cous … I think I like Mrs Travels version

There was double amounts of this

My flash stopped working here… didn’t like the fish cakes

Here I go again with the chandeliers…!

Pub nice. Food ok but fish cakes were a bit sloppy and I didn’t try out the coucous. Need to bring your own phone with music though. And I was a little tipsy afterwards but managed to get home in the light rain. ^_^

My geeky rating: 4/5
Address: 16 Grove Lane, London SE5 8SY
Telephone: 020 7252 7798


Good points: 
– Local and posh looking
– Ok food

Bad points:
– Sloppy fish cakes
– Bar upstairs needs a bit of looking into… (as in a little more renovation to save the staff coming and down those stairs)

My next work party ended up being at work! And it was almost like having an Italian Christmas as we had so much home cooked Italian food. Heheh. It was good stuff and we laughed a lot more than we should have done. ^_^ Never got drunk but was thankfully stuffed with food. (There was actually more food than what I’ve pictured. But none of us could finish it!).

Parmigiana – aubergine lasagne

An Italian pie

Everyone enjoyed this one!

Forgot what this is called but it’s like a giant Scotch Egg

Sorry for my messy plate! My colleague forgot to add potatoes in!

And for dessert, all the cakes and cheesecake came from… Sainsbury’s! ^_^ Loved the blueberry cheesecake. Need to buy one for Christmas Day methinks.

Blueberry cheesecake


I enjoyed myself at both parties! 

p.s. Was dragged to my old department’s Christmas party yesterday and I have another one to go! Oh the joys of Christmas at work!

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