International Christmas Adverts 2014 – Part 2

And the Christmas adverts continue… This is how much I found this December. Not as much as I had hoped for, but it’s good enough for this post. ^_^
Canada – WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving
Firstly, I’m starting off with Canada. WestJet are back with another “giving” ad but this time they’re in the Dominican Republic, in a small village. This time they have a TV screen in the middle of town and throughout the day the villagers and children went to say what they wanted for Christmas. On the next day the WestJet team set out to buy all the Christmas gifts. By the third day they all got their gifts… And what surprised was at towards the end when they brought out the horse for the man who had a horse carriage that needed fixing. Oh, that made me cry. Love WestJet!! 😀 Hope they make another one next year!

Spain – Anuncio Lotería Navidad 2014

Ah Spanish Lottery never disappoints. This year we’re shown a man who didn’t buy his numbers but his friend who owned a bar did the buy the numbers and won. The man went to the bar to congratulate his friend and asked for a coffee. He asked how much was the coffee. The friend said €21 (seriously I would not buy a coffee for €21!) but what he meant was €1 for the coffee and €20 for the extra lottery ticket he bought for him. Oooooo. Such a sweet, sweet friend. I wished I had a friend who bought me a lottery ticket and won it. All that money. ^_^ p.s. It does snow in Spain – I’ve been told.

Hong Kong – 2014聖誕 3D推拿腳肌廣告(3D foot massage muscle)

Another slightly lame Christmas advert from Hong Kong. They always are. If you didn’t know what the ad was about you would think this advert was going to be a very sweet ad about, I don’t know, caring about your grandfather by taking them out to China or sharing chocolates with them… something like that, but it actually ends with a foot muscle massage machine. Seriously. A massage machine for feet. I would’ve gone for a whole body chair massage machine. ¬,¬”

Czech – Tchibo Vánoční reklama 2014

Ok, you need to guess who Tchibo are. No reading to the end of this paragraph. In this Czech advert a family are out playing in the snow and the boy threw a snowball at a window where an old man was standing. The old man was not impressed. From then on the young boy tried to engage with him but I think he was too afraid to even say a word to him. In the end the young boy made a gingerbread man (I think) in the shape of the old man and went down to his neighbour to give it him. It seemed they got along after that. Now what is Tchibo (can’t remember if I’ve blogged about them before)? They are a German coffee company. Yep that’s right. And they actually sell clothing and household items. I’ve not come actually come across a coffee company to do this sort of thing. Anything goes in Germany!

Czech – Chance – Vánoce (reklama s Petrem Čtvrtníčkem) 

Here’s another Czech advert. Didn’t know what type of company Chance is. It’s a betting shop in the Czech Republic. Hah! ¬,¬” This advert is quite funny when I saw it I had no idea what these bunch of old men were doing. Opening gifts that looked weird, false teeth, football and something that looked naughty but not sure what it is. Then another old man just starts blowing a whistle… and then you kind of guess what it’s about. Betting for football and all sorts.

Denmark – Post Danmark – Julekortet 1 – #DetErDetNye (Christmas card 1 – # AreTheNew)

Seriously, what is it with the Danish sense of humour?! I still don’t get it. You show me any Danish advert and I kind of look not amused. 
Here’s a series of adverts from Post Denmark (the post office). They’re trying to encourage the young Danish to send people Christmas cards rather than sending a cheap email. So these three Danish men are set to make ideas for their Christmas cards. It’s a little hilarious when you reach the second advert… Hah!! 
Post Danmark – Julekortet 2 – #FuckHvorNice (Christmas card 2 – #FuckHowNice) 
Er, the Danish seem to like to swear!! But you will love this advert!! Heheheh. It’s so funny.
Post Danmark – Julekortet 3 – #SomAtCykleEnSMS (Post Denmark – Christmas card 3 – #SomToCycleASMS)

I have no idea what this one is about but I think it’s about SMSing…

Estonia – EMT ja Elioni Jõulud

I believe EMT and Elioni are a telecoms company in Estonia. This is quite a sweet advert of families coming together during Christmas. You really wouldn’t think this was a telecoms advert until they start using a Samsung phone and notebook. ¬,¬” A pretty advert.
Finland – ITIS JOULU 2014 30ec

We have another shopping mall advert. Finnish style. It’s very simple and it’s just like a classic advert that we have seen in the past. I actually like it. Surprising. The best bit for me is when Santa Claus changes into normal clothes when he passes a pillar. Very classic indeed! 
Iceland – Jólakveðja TM 2014

Please guess who TM are. ¬,¬” I giggled when I found out. TM are an insurance company in Iceland and I never knew they would do this type of advert. The choral singers are really good and it makes you kind of sway and want to join in. They go door-to-door like how an insurance person would when they’re trying to make it big. Heheheh. A nice Christmasy advert but I wouldn’t being buying my insurance with some choral singers unfortunately.
Japan – サッポロファクトリー HAPPINESS SHOT!  ~撮って、シェアする、クリスマス~ (The Sapporo Factory HAPPINESS SHOT! Take ~, to share, Christmas ~)
This Japanese advert is a pretty advert from Sapporo Factory, a shopping complex. It was like watching a short movie in the space of  2 minutes and 18 seconds. Two young girls take a picture together which is then suddenly posted on a big screen. One of the girl’s father takes a picture of her on the big screen and decides that she should go and do some modelling. She does the shoot and one of the pictures makes the cover of a magazine. She is then head hunted by an agency and does some acting. After six months she became famous and won an award! Is that even possible. Yes it is. So go and take a “Happiness Shot” in Sapporo Factory and you could be famous too. 🙂
A-ha! Baskin Robbins are back with another ice cream cake for Christmas. I have yet to try out Baskin Robbins as they’ve opened several stores in London. Baskin Robbins seems to be more popular in Korea than in the USA where it originated from. Anyway, here we have some members of EXO-K, a very popular young Korean boy band (similar to Super Junior), who are advertising for ice cream cakes. I wouldn’t mind a bite of each of their cakes right now. Slurp. Yum! 
Brazil – Natal Avon – Uma Homenagem a Elas (Christmas Avon – A Tribute to They)
This is the first time I’ve seen a foreign Avon advert! This one’s about giving gifts to your loved one. Not just any gift. An Avon gift. That’s right, Avon. Who hasn’t shopped from Avon? I have and Miss Pinky and Mrs Hen just love Avon. We should all just have an Avon Christmas!!
Slovakia – Zakázaná Česká reklama T-Mobile 2014

This T-Mobile advert from Slovakia is quite funny. It tells you the importance of going to a store and not some cheapskate who disappears into thin air after they sell you a dodgy phone. Be careful of scandals and fake phones!!
Turkey – Cardfinans Noel Baba Yılbaşı Hediyesi Reklamı (CardFinans Santa Claus Christmas Present Ad)
And lastly this is an advert from Turkey. Santa Claus seems to be lost and wants to cheer up people and take the gifts away from the people. That seems so wrong. And when he starts talking to a young lady about credit cards, I think what!! Then the kids start GIVING Santa their gifts. What?!! It’s craaaazy. What kind of advert is this?!! So weird. The weirdest out of all the ones I have shown this year!
The Danish and Japanese adverts are my favourite International Christmas adverts this year. I hope to see more next year. ^___^

Hope you’ve all enjoyed all the Christmas adverts this year. This is the last blogpost of Christmas adverts for 2013! No more Christmas adverts until next year please!!! 

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