Auchan Chocolat – Limited Edition Flavours

Ah, I didn’t get to Marseille this year in the summer like I wanted to, but that doesn’t matter because I got a present from Mr and Mrs Travels. Chocolate and a turquoise wrap-around scarf!
I received 3 bars of chocolate but I’m only going to blog about 2 of them as these ones are limited editions from the French company Auchan.
Auchan Chocolat
Lait framboise crêpe dentelle means “lacy pancake raspberry milk” basically Raspberry Crepe.
Lait framboise crêpe dentelle

Once opened it has a strong smell of raspberries. 

It’s not very sweet but you can taste the raspberries. It has some crunchiness in it which I assume is the crepe. The chocolate is not overpoweringly sweet and blends in quite well with the rest of the flavours. A very fruity type of chocolate flavour. Practically half way through the bar. But will save some for tomorrow. 🙂

Noir aux pepites saveur violettes means “black violet flavor nuggets” but it just means dark chocolate with violet flavour.
Noir aux pepites saveur violettes

No overpowering sweet violet smell but you can smell it if you sniff it directly. 

t’s dark chocolate. Had to wash my mouth with coffee first before starting on this one. It’s not very sweet but has a violet taste to it with a slight hint of sourness. Some dark chocolates are great but this one is not my favourite.

I might have to share this out with other people…

Out of the two I prefer the raspberry one. Suits my sweet tooth. Thank you Mr and Mrs Travels. 😉

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