End of Year 3D Origami: Part 1 – Justice League

3D origami has been so popular for me this year. It’s just been incredible making all these characters with glue, paper, pipe cleaners, card and bits n bobs from Poundland, Paperchase and other stationary shops. My friends and colleagues just keep coming back for more and I think I’ll be making more new designs next year. Just need to bang my head against the wall first thing on New Year’s Day because I don’t know why I didn’t stop. Damn you friends and colleagues! (⑉・̆⌓・̆⑉)

First bunch here is the rest of the Justice League for Master H (he hasn’t paid me yet and owes me all his pocket money, wahahahahaha)! He loves these characters and I think he told Miss Pinky to make them a long time ago. I’ve already made Batman and Superman and those are in my previous posts.

Captain America – Can’t help calling Captain America in an American deep voice… I think I got it from the film or cartoon.

Captain America’s Shield

Green Lantern – Didn’t have a green ring so I coloured it in on one of the hands. His right hand.

Flash – The theme song of The Flash (Flash a aaaaa… that one) is not the theme song for this character. My brother told me off. ¬_¬””

Martian Manhunter – Never knew this martian was part of the Justice League!

Aquaman – You can’t see his eyes because I used light blue paper and I pictured this with a flash.

Wonder Woman – Here I used strips of black paper, curled it with my scissors and stuck them on the back of her head.

Come back to see more! (^_^)v

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