End of Year 3D Origami: Part 3 – Frozen

Oh dear. I’m not sure how I ended up making the Frozen characters.

I originally started off with Olaf during one of my meetings. It was going to be a long and boring one and so I had to make do with some white scrap paper and do something.

Olaf – I finished Olaf after work one day and thought he was so cute!! This is actually the second version of him, the original one has loads of superglue on its side as I tried to add the feet on.

Elsa – So as soon as I finished Tom and Jerry my colleague really wanted me to start making Elsa (and she also wanted the Olaf above). These are going to be birthday gifts. Material for the drape of the dress was not that hard to find in East Street Market (it was quite cheap too), but I think I might need to make more of her to use up the rest of the material. I bought a meter of material!

Anna – And finally I made Anna. But I think no one likes her. Everyone likes Elsa. ¬,¬”” Strange. I think she’s quite pretty here. 

I was quite busy on Christmas Day. I spent a good 4 to 5 hours of my day creating another Elsa and my third Olaf (another present it seems)! Such a hard working geek working on Christmas Day. Even packaged these in cellophane to save my friend/colleague from having to wrap it all.

Just remembered I actually have lots of models to make next year which I promised to make for some people this year! Sigh. It’s back to work.

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