Paddington Bear Hunt

I love Paddington Bear but after my Japan trip I was too tired to go out and find them all… However I did find a few (a very small few), some just of the blue and I was just at that point when I didn’t really want to write about them, but I am today since I found the original design at Paddington Station with Miss Rock on our return home from Oxford.
The hunt finishes today on December 30th and I only found 5 out of the 50. I think that’s enough for this blogpost right? (I’m one tired geek here! Cut me some slack!).
Here’s the five I found…
Rainbow in Covent Garden, there was another one Covent Garden but I didn’t go looking for it.
Blush in Leicester Square.
Paddington Lloyd Webber in China Town
Paddington Lloyd Webber

Wonders of the World at London Bridge Station
Wonders of the World
And finally Paddington in Paddington Station. Didn’t go out of Paddington Station to find the others. It was long day spent in Oxford!

Not. So. Fast! I actually did manage to do a power walk yesterday after work (in my work clothes) and found two more. It’s hard finding them at night. I even went into Horse Guards Parade and couldn’t see the one there in the dark. Couldn’t find the one in Pall Mall or Whitehall so I took a bus to Waterloo from Westminster and found one more… *PUFF* Lots of tourists about and so I had to walk pass them all. ¬_¬””
Paddington The Explorer found in Piccadily Circus.
Paddington The Explorer
Fragile in Blackfriars… I seemed to have missed the one by The Globe. 😦
7 out of 50 bears may not be a lot but worth the power walk! 

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