A December Day Out in Oxford

It’s another end of the year meet up with Miss Rock! Is it strange that I only meet up with her once a year? Mmmmm nah, I think it’s good for us otherwise we’ll be spending a lot on travelling around the UK and doing loads and loads of walking as we do every year.
This year we ended up going to Oxford after debating whether to go to the British Museum or Greenwich and with weather permitting. We didn’t go on the Saturday as planned as it was cloudy and cold as predicted by the weather peeps (that’s when I ended up watching an emotional ending to The Hobbit T_T) . Sunday 28th was just a perfect sunny day and it lasted throughout the whole day. (^_^)v Both Miss Rock and I have been to Oxford when we were young but I was a baby and Miss Rock was 6 years old and we both don’t have many memories of the area… 
Off we trekked to Paddington Station, bought our train tickets for £24.20 each (the off peak ones), and then continued to catch up with a whole years gossip (not the entire year, but you know what I mean)… Whilst we were waiting, we unfortunately encountered a person having an epileptic fit. I think people didn’t know what to do and started crowding around… the gentleman recovered a bit but wobbled about. 😦

Anyway, back to the trip! As soon as our platform number was announced it was time to rush to the train (more like run) as a lot of people were heading for the same train! OMG!
We spent over an hour on the train and gossiped a bit more and finally we arrived at Oxford Train Station. We asked how to get to the town centre (plus got a free map) and all you have to do is turn right out of the station, cross the road and go straight. Not far. But instead of going to the town centre first we headed for the canals (as I saw the sign ‘canals’ and I love canals). 

The path wasn’t well signed from the station and Miss Rock decided we should follow the bike path and so we did and found more ‘canal’ signs indicating the way.
Finally we saw the Oxford Canal and walked in one direction and back for a good long hour or so. It is a little damp on the pathway so watch out! 

As you walk along the canal you will see a lot of graffiti on the wall (which I didn’t take pictures of)… Hmm maybe street artists should flock here for one day instead. Just saying! ¬_¬” I took a lot of pictures, so please keep scrolling… (๑>ᴗ<๑)

It was a nice walk and we saw a lot of interesting back garden patios… I wonder what happens when the canals become flooded or frozen… Curiosity strikes!
Now it was time to head to the city centre area. It was a tiny walk from the station and finally we used our free maps for bus tour guides and made our way towards Christ Church and the colleges of Oxford. The colleges are pretty much close together, so you won’t miss much if you pass them without knowing…

Oxford is named after an ox

We got to Christ Church and we saw the lovely buildings and surrounding scenery.

We squished our way through the iron bar gates (you really have to be a bit skinny to pass them) and headed around the Botanical Gardens, but of course you need to pay to go and have a look. I think I’ll stick to Kew Gardens or the Eden Project thanks. ¬_¬”

We looked at this school which is near the Botanical Gardens and we thought it looked quite scary for a school and it looked something like a building you would see in Harry Potter.

Then Miss Rock and I headed back to Christ Church and took a long walk around Christ Church Meadow… It was a long walk and the sun was about to set.

We didn’t go into Christ Church College as you had to pay, so the walk was worth it!

We headed back into town and I think I was starving, that serves me right for not getting up early enough to eat breakfast and I only had a Wispa bar before the long walk.

But before we went to eat we stopped by the Covered Market. Most of the shops were closed but fortunately there was a shop that Miss Rock liked and bought a hold all bag from there (for travelling she said). Whilst she was debating whether to buy it or not buy it,  I took some pictures of cakes from the wedding cake shop opposite. Heheh. I love cake!

Finally it was time to eat and so we stopped by at Pizza Hut on High Street… we both had the meal deal (£13.95 each) and somehow I was full after eating two bowls of salad, a small deep pan pizza and a chocolate cake. I didn’t eat after that! So full. Service was strange but we had a good waitress!

We walked back to the station after the food and being extremely full…

Miss Rock said I was power walking… really? That’s how I normally walk when it’s freezing cold. I could hear Miss Rock was out of breath. Anyway we made it in time for the fast train back into London, found Paddington Bear and I was home before 8pm!

Hope to go to another place next year… I’m opting for Cambridge (haven’t been there since I was 10)!

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