CheeMc Korean Restaurant – London Walworth Road

I was going to wait until this place had it’s full menu before blogging about it, but unfortunately since its opening from the end of September or beginning of October, it still has no menu, so I’m blogging about CheeMc now. Miss Pinky will have to wait until they serve bibimbap before coming here I guess.
CheeMc Korean Restaurant

CheeMc is a Korean fried chicken restaurant which was once an Indian restaurant. (I presume they will be adding more stuff to their menu later in the year. Fingers crossed!). I went there at the end of October before I went to Japan just to see what’s it all about. At the time, the waitress, who I think is the wife of the owner explained there was no menu and there were only three types of chicken: fried chicken, spicy chicken and soy chicken. I chose the fried chicken at the time. There’s a fourth one on the menu which is fried chicken in sweet sauce. (Here’s a guide on Korean fried chicken).

Love the lampshades! Very modern!

The fried chicken is very different to the chicken in the fried chicken shops on the Walworth Road. It has a heavy batter but it’s not salted or seasoned in any way. It’s still hot even when you leave it for a good 10 minutes or so. Very hot, so be careful of burning your fingers. The chicken is served on a plate with a “newspaper” underneath, I think it’s to resemble fish and chips when they were once wrapped in newspaper in the old days. 

Korean plain fried chicken

Pickled Parsnip

 I enjoyed their mustard mayonnaise, tasted smooth and not burning hot. Thumbs up for that! (^_^)b

Spicy sauce, Korean style salt, mustard mayo

My first visit cost me £11 (from memory) and I thought this place would definitely be very popular once they start serving other things! It was already in full swing that night!


On my second visit was yesterday after watching The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (which scared me a bit, but it’s not a very scary movie). There was only a table of Korean boys eating. Looks like people were still getting over their hangovers that evening. Heheh. The waitress said to me that there is no menu, and I said “Still!” and the waitress asked if I’ve been there before… Oh well, I guess they are still considering on what special dishes to serve us Korean-crazed food fans.
Empty on New Year’s Day 

At the start of ordering I ordered a half plain fried chicken and then I added the spicy fried chicken on top. I think the waitress thought I only wanted the spicy fried chicken and didn’t order the fried plain one. ¬_¬” I was hungry. I want a full chicken. But all was ok, I got my full chicken. ^_^ (Hey, I never said I was the healthiest eater on the entire Earth – at least I power walk).

If you’ve had the spicy fried chicken that you can buy in the supermarkets, well this is exactly the same thing in that rich red spicy Korean sauce sweetened with sugar or honey, but this version is heated of course. Yum yum yum. I love this stuff, but it’s so messy when you eat it, so please bring extra tissues and wipes with you!!
Spicy Fried Chicken (the sweet sticky one)

And the fried chicken was like last time… So full after eating it all. ^___^

More Korean Fried Chicken

I think I wasted the fried batter ¬_¬””

Total for my second visit came to £20.90. Expensive. Not sure if they added service charge. (Surprised the waitress by saying “excuse me” and “thank you” in Korean :D).

My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Love the chicken I’ve had so far (still got to try the soy chicken… soy sauce chicken is fantastic!!)
– Local Korean restaurant on the Walworth Road! (Finally!)
– Ok service
Bad points:
– Bigger tissues and hand wipes needed (very messy for me)
– A bit expensive for fried chicken (but all Korean fried chicken is expensive!!)
PLEASE, please, please add more food ASAP!!

If you can understand Korean, here’s their menu taken from this webpage. I have translated some of it:

메뉴 : 후라이드 £16.5 (plain fried whole chicken)
양 념 £17.5 (sweet sauce fried whole chicken)
간장치킨 £17.5 (soy sauce whole chicken)
깐풍치킨 £17.5 (spicy fried whole chicken)
소 주 £7 (soju)
맥 주 £2 ( 한국 카스맥주입니다!!) (Korean beer)
콜 라 £1 (Cola)

Address: 310 Walworth road London SE17 2NA (opens at lunchtime and then at 5pm  from 12pm… no closing time stated as yet… and yes, a lot of Koreans go here as it’s near South Bank Uni!!)
Telephone: 0203 645 0772  or 07940227761

This is part of their menu:

Update 20/02/2015

Can’t be bothered to write a whole new post on CheeMc, so here’s an update!! They finally released their new menu (thanks to the anonymous comment) two weeks ago. Unfortunately I went on holiday so couldn’t go last week. ^_^ Thankfully Miss Pinky was ready to go and give this place a try this week… 

The menu now contains a few of the usual suspects on a typical Korean menu, but I think the popular stuff is the fried chicken which you can’t get in most Korean restaurants.

Menu outside the window

Menu outside the window

Here’s the food we had today…

Of course we had to have a chicken. I took half of this plate home as the two of us were too full.

Spicy half chicken – wasn’t spicy enough for Miss Pinky

Ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes) was a bit different. Instead of a rich thick sauce this was in a runny soup base, like a proper home made version with lots of fishcake and spring onions. Sauce was not bad! Sweet and spicy.

Spicy rice cakes – Definitely spicy

Usual culprit in my blogposts is this bibimbap. Miss Pinky had the beef with a completely cooked fried egg but she didn’t have the fried egg or the onions either!!

Dolsot Bibimbap

 And finally I had this marinated beef and rice. It’s sweet. And I became stuffed after this…

Marinated beef and rice

Total came to £32.50 including service charge and a 50p extra charge for the takeaway stuff. Was so stuffed in the end and it seems it’s going to be a very, very popular Korean store in South London!! I hope the bosses hires 1 more waitress too. It’s really busy.

p.s. They do takeaway too!!

Update 08/11/2015
I’ve noticed this morning that a lot of people are reading this post (I guess because there’s an article in The Guardian about it)… so to get your mouths watering for Korean fried chicken and other foods here’s some more pics…

Honey Butter Fried chicken – AMAZING STUFF!!

Soy fried chicken – yummy!!

Spicy Fried Chicken – not the sweet sticky one or is it… I can’t remember!!!

Seafood Ramen – Miss Pinky had this before Baby B came out… she was trying everything to get the baby out!!

Jyajungmyeon a.k.a black bean paste noodles which is made with pork… expensive but nice – you can easily make your own though

A drawing at the counter from earlier this year

p.p.s. The dessert store opposite the restaurant is called Kaspa’s