Tirol Cheese and Cheese Chocolate チロル チーズとチーズチョコレート

Did any of you read the blogpost where I ate cheese chocolate? If you did you’ll remember this strange chocolate Miss Pinky found in Lawson when she was secret shopping behind my back! At least she told me about these chocolates otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about it…
As soon as you open the packet you get a whiff of cheese. No chocolatey smell in there. 
Tirol Cheese and Cheese Chocolate

Back of the packet
There are two cheese chocolate flavours: Gouda Cheese and Blue Cheese.
Gouda and Blue Cheese flavours
Gouda Cheese chocolate ゴダチーズチョコ  is shaped in a plain white square. It really smells strongly of cheese. If you have tasted Gouda cheese before then you will love this as it tastes very gouda cheese like. After you get through the cheese you might be enlightened by the sweet white chocolate surrounding or maybe not. ¬_¬”
Gouda Cheese Chocolate

Looks like a block of butter

Cheese looking throughout
Blue Cheese chocolate ブルチズーチョコ is also shaped into a tiny square. The Japanese just like everything in small sizes. This one tastes biscuity with some raisins in it. It’s nutty as well. Not too cheesy and I find this one is the better out of the two. Not too sweet either. Doesn’t smell too strongly of blue cheese. I find this one like a cheesecake and I really like this one.
Blue Cheese Chocolate

Those black bits are raisins

Nutty, sweet and biscuity just like a cheesecake
I had 3 Gouda cheese pieces and luckily 4 of the blue cheese in the pack. You won’t feel too guilty about eating them. I ate them all in less than 10 minutes!
These can be found in Lawson, Japan. I’ve thrown most of my receipts so I don’t know how much this costs.

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