Kennedy’s Pizza and Pasta – London Walworth Road

Who doesn’t know about the Kennedy’s?! Well if you don’t know they once were a chain store of butchers and had traded meat for over 100 years. Unfortunately the entire chain closed down due to bad trading and what was left were empty stores.
The one of the Walworth Road used to be filled with customers but one day they just completely closed. The shop has been empty for years and has been used for various outlets like clothing but that didn’t last long. And finally many months ago it opened up as an pizzeria/cafe but still keeping the name Kennedy. The name is misleading to others but when people pass by they look at the cakes and go in… And that’s what I did! Looked at the cakes and finally decided to go in and have a try.

They make cakes!! ^_^

Can you see the menu board?

On my first visit I ordered a pizza. I forgot which one it was and I also ordered a Diet Coke. The pizza came to me in less than 10 minutes! So quick and ate this pizza quite quickly… So hungry and then I became so full. It was a little salty and for me not enough sweet tomato base, but I did like it because it came out so quickly!!


First visit came to about £7 or £8… can’t remember…

On my second visit I ordered two cakes and a latte… Wow, this is what I wanted on my first visit. ^_^ The cake addict geek strikes!
I love cake

This is a pistachio cake. I looked at it from the window and said I must try that!

Pistachio cake

This is a light fluffy cake surrounded by cream and a type of jelly on top and then topped with a round hollow chocolate and pistachio shreds. It tastes very good and I think it’s not too sweet. The latte went well with this coffee. ^_^

White chocolate ball and pistachio on top

This strawberry cake looked quite delicious from the window.

Strawberry cake

This one is a slightly heavier cake compared to the pistachio. The cake is a bit thick and has a lot cream in between. It is sweet and you can taste the strawberry quite well. I didn’t eat the strawberries on top, ack, I will eat more fruits later!

Topped with fresh strawberries
Cakes and latte cost less than £6. Not bad, not bad!

Will definitely come back for more cake, pizza and maybe the salads and sandwiches. ^_^ It’s already popular with the locals and I hope this place stays open for a long time.

My geeky rating: 5/5

Good points:
– Cheap pizza and wonderful tasty cakes
– Good service
– Very local… local people love it!!

Bad points:
– Not much, but seating chair arrangements around the bigger tables were a bit odd for me

Address: 305 Walworth Road, London SE17 2TG


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