Meiji Galbo Ball Chocolate

When I first saw these Meiji Galbo Ball Chocolate I thought I must try these and so I bought them. Heheh. They look so chocolatey!!
Meiji Galbo Ball

Back of the packet
Not sure why they are called Galbo Ball but they look very intriguing although there’s not a lot of them inside. 
Not many in a small packet
They taste like a chocolate muffin, a thick chocolatey muffin or a dark chocolate version of a Malteser but it doesn’t melt in your mouth that easily and has a slight bitterness to it or in fact like an Oreo! Hard to describe. It has a heavy coating and a crunchy inside. If you have tasted Meiji chocolates before they always have this slightly dry aftertaste (basically they dry out your mouth a bit, making you want to drink something), as if you were drinking a milky tea.
Look round enough

Crunchy looking inside
I wish there were more in the packet (I wished I found a massive box) as I have almost finished them since writing this post. ^_^

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