Careme Quattro カレーム クアトロ

We need a ‘cheer everyone up’ post today. Middle of the week and I think people are already in the midst of being depressed from the holiday blues and obviously the workload and many other things in between! (◑‿◐)

So obviously I chose chocolate to cheer everyone up, heheh, (more like to cheer me up… joking!). Can’t remember where I found this Quattro chocolate in Tokyo, it was probably in one of those 100 Yen stores. Looked kinda cool.

Quattro Chocolate

Back of the box

 There’s 8 little packets in the box as indicated on the front of the box.

8 chocolates in the box
 They are actually really, really small snacks. Probably not even worth the foil wrap.
It’s small

 But the best thing about this mini chocolate biscuit is the design of it. It looks like a ying and yang kind of design on top with their name Quattro embedded into the chocolate.

Chocolate on top
 On the bottom is actually the biscuit part. Basically the whole chocolate looks like a flattened mushroom. 
Biscuit at the bottom
 And as you bite into the chocolate there’s gooey chocolate in the middle. ^_^ How exciting!
Gooey chocolate in between the chocolate and the biscuit

Love the thick chocolate, it’s not too sweet, but don’t like the aftertaste – it’s like sour milk aftertaste, It leaves my tongue dry too.

Anyway they are addictive because I’m halfway through the box! 
Cheer up peeps. We have a whole new year ahead of us! ~(⁰▿⁰)~