Meiji Torotto Strawberry Chocolate 明治 トロットいちごチョコ

Another Japanese chocolate to devour in the next half hour (or less)! 
When I opened the packet I remembered that I actually don’t like strawberry creme chocolates but I just have to get on with it. ¬_¬”
No idea which shop I bought this from in Tokyo but it was the name that caught me. I thought it said Totoro then looked closer and it says Torotto. What’s a torotto? I have no idea.
torotto strawberry chocolate トロットいちごチョコ

Back of the packet
 There’s 9 squared chocolates inside and they are actually baked chocolate with strawberry creme inside! Does that mean it’s healthy chocolate? I doubt that. 
9 pieces of baked chocolate

Baked chocolate

 The chocolate is quite sweet and it’s like a hard coated chocolate surrounding the creme. It crumbles quite easily in your mouth. Almost like eating a chocolate biscuit with the gooey stuff in the middle and slightly sticky jelly bits. It also has that distinct Meiji chocolate aftertaste that makes your mouth dry a little.

Strawberry creme in the middle

They’re ok but something I wouldn’t buy again. I would probably another flavour, just not strawberry creme.