Cheesy Scotch Eggs

O-hoho. I do love a scotch egg. When I went to Miss Pinky’s one weekend, Mr Picky started about making scotch eggs with herbs and stuff and telling me how they can be made, so now it’s in my head that I have to try this out plus add an extra twist to it.
I have watched a couple of YouTube videos and started reading online with people using grated cheese in the sausage mix but what about a melting cheesy middle part? I couldn’t see any of that online or maybe I’m just searching for the wrong words online.
Well, anyway, here’s how I cooked it (something to do on a cold rainy day).
– Pack of 8 thick pork sausages (I used Wall’s because it was half price)
– 5 boiled eggs
– 1 egg whisked
– Plain flour
– Panko breadcrumbs (or normal breadcrumbs, I just couldn’t find the normal one in the supermarket)
– Vegetable oil for cooking
– Dairylea cheese slices (or any cheese slices)

Scotch egg ingredients

I used Dairylea cheese slices because that’s all I had ^_^

1. Take one sausage and de-skin it as shown in the second picture below. You may want to use 1 and a half sausages per egg (depending on the egg size and how thick you want your scotch egg to be).

De-skin the sausage
2. Dust the sausage with the plain flour and then mould and flatten into a circular shape, maybe the circumference of a small plate.
Sprinkle with flour and flatten the meat
3. You may want to do this beforehand… Split the cheese slice in half and wrap the egg with one half going from top to bottom and the other half from one side to the other.
Wrap the cheese slices
4. Next carefully cover the egg and cheese with the sausage and ensure there are no gaps in between.
Wrap the sausage meat

 Your scotch egg should now look like this:

A round scotch egg

 Here’s 4 of them

4 scotch eggs

 I used the last two sausages and made a big one.

And the last one
5. Heat up your pan and add some vegetable oil (about 3-4 cm in height). Then dip your scotch egg into the whisked egg.
Dip into whisked egg

6. Then coat the scotch egg with the panko breadcrumbs.

Coat with breadcrumbs

 7. Gently add into your pan of oil and then fry for 5-10 minutes.

Deep fry them

 Keep turning the scotch eggs… don’t panic if your scotch egg splits, you have the extra ones to do!
Don’t panic if the cheese oozes out!!
 8. After cooking, gently lift them out and place onto a clean plate. Let it cook for 1-2 minutes before eating!!
And voila

Nice stuff

So cheesy

Here’s the last 3. I burnt the last one!!

Burnt the last one

This one looks perfect!

This is actually my very first time eating fresh scotch eggs. I’m so pleased with myself. ^__^ Love the cheesiness of it all. 
Have to cook these again but I might change to a different sausage brand.

p.s. They taste really good the next day after being in the fridge… The cheese was still in its melted form too!

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