Kabaya Doutor Coffee Beans Chocolate カバヤ ドトールコーヒービーンズチョコ

How has everyone coped with the bus strike today? Me?  Couldn’t sleep (stupid, noisy cats). Drenched in rain from my walk to work and entered a boring meeting. Ugh. I’m sure others have had a much worse day than me…
So to cheer me up (as usual) I’m going to try out these Japanese Doutor Coffee Beans Chocolate from the company Kabaya. I do like a good cup of coffee (I had three today and I want more but feel lively after listening to Aaron Kwok ^_^!).
Doutor Coffee Beans Chocolate カバヤ ドトールコーヒービーンズチョコ
Where did I get these from I wonder. I think it might have been a confectionery store in Shimbashi or maybe it was the 100 yen store. *SHRUG* I can’t remember. I actually thought it said Doctor at the front but it’s Doutor.  I’m not very good on Japanese play words. Doutor is actually a Japanese coffee company / chain (like Starbucks or Costa). So here they are using Kabaya chocolate and Doutor coffee beans. That makes sense.
On the other side

Here’s the side packaging…

Side diagram

Side info

More side info of ingredients

On opening the box you will be greeted by the a foiled package.

And inside are some large pieces of chocolate. I’m sure coffee beans are not of this size.
They almost look like Maltesers
The surround is coated with normal milk chocolate. The next layer I believe is white chocolate. And the middle is a coffee tasting shell which is crunchy and has a tiny bitter taste to it. After biting it and chewing it for a bit it’s like having bits of horrible ground coffee in your mouth. And then you after a horrible after taste. Yeek!!
Chocolate surrounding
White chocolate and a “Coffee shell” in the middle

I think I only recommend this to coffee lovers who like that ground coffee stuff in your mouth. For non-coffee drinkers, stay away from them but the chocolate part is nice.

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