Morinaga Milk Caramel (biscuits) 森永 ミルクキャラメル

It’s Friday! Yipee! So I get Friday treat for being such a goody goody this week. Heheh. ^_^
I looked at these chocolates, called Milk Caramel ミルクキャラメル, in the shop thinking could they be like those mochi chocolate sweets I found in Hong Kong… They’re similar but no mochi in the middle.
Morinaga Milk Caramel (biscuits) 森永 ミルクキャラメル

Back of the box

Inside the box
 They look like massive white chocolate Minstrels (and there’s not enough of them in this box)!
Big chocolates!
 If you like Kit Kat or wafer biscuits then I think you might like these. The coating is white chocolate with a caramel flavour. The middle has a wafer biscuit and the center has a sweet paste which I think is caramel. It tastes all nutty and sweet. Not very sweet but sweet enough. 

I like these and they are very addictive! Yummy!! I want more!!!