Meiji The Chocolate [Fragrant Cocoa] 明治 ザ・チョコレート[香るカカオ]

.·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.My head is spinning with Japanese verb conjugations at the moment and so I need a massive big treat for myself right now. What am I going to do when all my treats are finished?! Don't worry, I have places to go to and find new treats this year!
This box of chocolates from Meiji looked different to everything else. It’s also called “The Chocolate”, but what type of chocolate it was I did not know until now. Translation of 香るカカオ(kaoru kakao) means “fragrant cocoa”. And it states at the bottom of the box that it’s “bean to bar”. So I assume as soon as the cocoa is picked up from the plant it is made directly into chocolate. Hmmm. 
Meiji The Chocolate [Fragrant Cocoa]

Back of the box
The box contains 7 thin foiled wrapped chocolates.
7 in the box
Inside the foil wraps are these thin chocolates. It’s actually dark chocolate (I didn’t expect that). They are quite ordinary looking and I didn’t take a picture of the middle because it’s just plain chocolate. The taste however is different. It’s very bitter, it even smells of bitter dark chocolate, not too sugary and it has a hint of I believe of strawberry (not sure). Aftertaste is not to die for but it’s a dark chocolate to try out. I quite like them. Not sharing these though!! ¬_¬”
It’s a small chocolate, don’t let these pics fool you!

Flat dark chocolate
I have another box of these but it’s a different flavour. Will try that out this week. ^_^

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