Meiji Apple Milk Chocolate 明治 アップルミルクチョコレート

I need another cheer me up post! It feels like it’s been a long week already. Just one more day until the weekend! Yay!!
I must’ve picked this Meiji Apple Milk Chocolate for some reason. Maybe it’s because I like apple flavoured foods and sweets. 
The front of the box made me giggle with this statement “The luxurious taste made by Meiji can be easily eaten”. Teeheehee. Not sure why it made me giggle! ^_^

Well yeah this chocolate can definitely be eaten easily as it’s so small.
There is a very sweet honey-apple jelly in the middle covered by a thick coat of chocolate. It almost feels like I’m having apple cider. Not sure if it’s because of the honey or the apple flavouring or possibly because they’ve added cinnamon. And it’s definitely not sour!! Lots going on in this small piece of chocolate! 
They are quite addictive with the centre bit and that means I’ve almost finished them (I’ve actually finished them ¬_¬”)!

2 thoughts on “Meiji Apple Milk Chocolate 明治 アップルミルクチョコレート

  1. Hello!! I stumbled across your blog when looking for reviews for Kaspa's, and I love it! It's so quirky and also very helpful as I live local (ish) to you so will check out some of the places you've reviewed 🙂 i was wondering where you buy all your random asian treats like the Meiji chocolate stuff from, I love stuff like that!Naomi 🙂


  2. Hello there! ^_^ thanks for reading!!Most of the Japanese snacks I bought were from either online or in other countries (Hong Kong and Japan) when I went on holiday. But you can get stuff in London like Japan Centre and China Town. I also recommend going to the Hyper Japan events during the summer and (maybe) winter.I also recommend you read this blog: And I also recommend this website: searching!!


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