M&M’s Raspberry Flavour ラズベリーM&M (Japan Edition)

I think Miss Pinky spotted these Raspberry flavoured M&M’s first in the toy store we kept going to in Shimbashi… They are not in London as yet (or probably are but in those small sweet shops around Central London).
The Raspberry flavoured M&M’s can mainly be found in the USA and we were lucky to find them in Japan.
M&M’s Raspberry Flavour – Japan Edition

Back of the packet

There seems to be several colours but they are all the same flavour. *SHRUG*

3 different colours of the same flavour

These are very Raspberry sweet, very artificially sweet… Chocolate is normal milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate centre and sweet raspberry coating

I wouldn’t really be surprised if they didn’t make it to the UK sweet shops or supermarkets… Just too sweet.

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