Teicalo Xylicrystal Lemon and Lime Mint キシリクリスタル レモン&グリーンレモンミント

Aaaah, we’re almost near the end of the Japanese snacks. Going through them very slowly…
Here is an interesting sweet which can be found in lots of convenient stores around Tokyo. This one is called “kishiri kurisutaru” meaning Xylylene Crystal but shortened to the name Xyli Crystal, Not sure what the compound Xylylene is used for but seems all scientific and complicated.
Teicalo Xylicrystal Lemon and Lime Mint

Back of the packet

The flavour here is Lemon and Lime (green lemon) Mint.

It’s actually sour with lime being on top and the lemon at the bottom. In the middle I guess is the mint. It doesn’t taste minty but has a sweet and menthol taste. It’s quite intriguing and I would probably try out other flavours if I can find them in London.

Lime on top, sweet candy in the middle and lemon at the bottom

From the top of the sweet

There’s not a lot in the packet so these can easily be finished within a week!

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