Asahi Mitsuya Cider Candy アサヒ 三ツ矢サイダーキャンディ

Wow! Cider candy?! I’ve not seen this before. I love cider but have to be in the mood for it as it can be sweet, too sweet. These sweets refer to Asahi’s carbonated fruit drinks which are non-alcoholic and I guess resemble the taste of cider…
You would associate Asahi with their beer, but cider candy is totally different. I wouldn’t think a beer company would bring out a beer sweet would they? Nah, I don’t think so. (But you could never know!).
Asahi Mitsuya Cider Candy

Back of the packet

When you open the packet you think you might be smelling alcoholic cider! (I really did think that!). In this packet, there are 4 flavours: peach, cider, grape and honey lemon. 

honey lemon, peach, grape and cider

Each sweet has a fizziness to them just like if you’re drinking the soft drink but actually they are slowly melting in your mouth. (Just think of having non-sour fizzy cola bottle sweets in your mouth for a long time)…Each of them have a very fruity taste and I think my favourite one is the grape. 
Look like fruit drops

Don’t worry you won’t get drunk from them but remember to brush your teeth if you try to eat a lot of these! I’ve had 4, one after the other and it feels like my teeth are going to rot… ^_^

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