Nobel Cafe Jelly Milk Candy ノーベル カフェゼリーミルクキャンデー

Ah! It’s Friday!! It’s Treat Day after a long week (well not that bad), just another week before I go on holiday again (almost finished packing ^_^) to somewhere warmer than London.
This next candy I remember buying from a shop in Shimbashi. Needed to buy some sort of coffee candy and not chocolate orientated. The ones I bought in Hong Kong were great, but I couldn’t find those in Japan. Too bad! 😦
Nobel Cafe Jelly Milk Candy

Back of packet
These are called Cafe Jelly Milk Candy from the company Nobel.
Individually wrapped candy
With these candy you have to bite and chew through the surrounding milk candy before you get to the coffee part which is in fact coffee jelly.
Milk candy surrounding
The coffee jelly doesn’t taste much of coffee unfortunately. Weak coffee. All I could taste is the very sweet milk candy. Ultra sweet. It’s like chewing through lots of sugar. Eeek. Time to brush my teeth!!!
Coffee Jelly… sorry had to bite it and spit it out ¬_¬”
Won’t be buying these again… just too sweet and not enough coffee… Too bad!

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