Fujiya Peko Candy 不二家 ペップキャンデー

It’s my 3rd Year Blogging Anniversary!! 3 years of blogging, over 500 posts, lots of eating, many adventures (and hopefully more to come – as long as I work), meeting lots of new people and there were even times when I wanted to give up blogging. BUT I stuck to what I wanted to do for years and never gave up.
To celebrate I’m going to have MORE CANDY!! ^_^
You might be familiar with Peko Milk Candy (the chewy one) but probably not the lollipops. It’s the first time I’ve seen these.
Fujiya Peko Candy 

Back of the packet

 There’s 4 different flavours available (strawberry, grape, orange and peach) and they all taste quite fruity.

4 different flavoured lollipops

 There are different designs on each lolly

Strawberry flavour

Grape flavour

Orange flavour

Peach flavour
These are a good treat for work friends, family and your own friends… Kids will love these too. But don’t forget to brush your teeth as it is sugary as well as fruity. 😀