Marseille, France 2015 – Day 7 & 8: Hair dying and Flying Back

Friday 13th February
My last day of waking up early on holiday! Yay!! Didn’t want to fly back on Friday 13th because it seemed unlucky (yes, I’m a bit superstitious). There was a planned bus strike on this day but it didn’t happen. ¬_¬” Whaaaat!

I actually didn’t do much on this day. But I did go and check out the market in Port de Bouc. Mrs Travels asked me to buy some fruit and veggies for her and then she had to tell me off (well not really, more like demanding) 😉 straightforward telling me to dye my hair because I had a lot of grey hairs – too much melanine in my hair roots! Well, I seem to have forgotten to take care of my looks so I gave in to Mrs Travels. Off I went to the market, bought the groceries but I couldn’t find the hair dye. Fear not! I went to the neighboring pharmacy. ¬_¬” I think Mrs Travels would have sent me back out the door if I didn’t go looking for that hair dye!!

Spent the morning doing the hair dye while Missy A was playing in the background. Mrs Travels did it all. Hmmm, maybe she should become a hairstylist. Anyway got some hair and scalp tips which I will try to use. ^_^ (Just to note, not many of my friends/colleagues have noticed… or they have but haven’t said anything… or I just told them before they even noticed. I guess my appearance doesn’t matter to others! ¬.¬”).

Miss I, Missy S and Mr Travels came back home for lunch since the girls have a half day at school. We all had lunch and Missy S said I was pretty with the new hair colour. Very honest. Thanks! ^_^

Later in the afternoon Mrs Travels, Missy A and I went out for a walk and I had an apricot crepe at a nearby cafe. Had a nice chat, gossiped a little and just had a bit of a nice time out. Missy A woke up in the end and we had to go back for her next feeding.

That night we celebrated Missy A’s 6 month birthday with strawberries and cream. ^_^ Yummy!! Happy 6 months Birthday Miss A!!

Then it was off to sleep again. One more nights sleep.

Saturday 14th February 

Yep, it was Valentine’s Day and it was time to head back to London. Thankfully the Travels family had a lie-in.

We had breakfast and I said my goodbyes to the family. Mr Travels and I traveled to the airport. We kind of got stuck in a bit of traffic on the highway as there was an accident ahead of us – we think it was due to the slippery salt on the roads and heavy rain that morning. After passing the accident we stopped off at the same supermarket we went to the last time I was in Marseille before flying. We went to get last minute snack and food shopping!! Heheheh, I even remembered where they put the wasabi flavoured crisps. ^_^ Valentine’s Day seemed to be busy in the supermarket too.

Off we went to the airport and I said my goodbyes to Mr Travels. I was at the airport quite early. Anyway, I did a bit of shopping for Mr Games’ friend who wanted these Starbucks coffee mugs. These are special editions.

Starbucks Travel Mugs

Had a little look around the shops and then I ended up eating. I didn’t want Burger King like last time so I went for this burger baguette that had that burger sauce which tasted like Big Mac sauce. Aww it was good stuff. I should make one of those for myself one day. I also had a cream eclair. My mouth is watering thinking back to the food…

Finally it was time to check in. My luggage was thankfully only 13kg. Phew! Passed security. Unfortunately my hand luggage had to be searched because of the coffee mugs – they thought it had liquid in it. I think the security guy was happy to go through stuff as I had my undies in there. Perv! Now for the waiting game to continue. The waiting area has actually changed. I used to have to walk up the stairs to get to the waiting area but now the bottom part has now leveled out and the upstairs has more seating with the toilets up there. It’s a nice area to relax before flying.

I’m grateful to have chosen priority boarding. I don’t like standing around. It’s horrible being in the normal queue. I’m serious! If you ever fly on cheap flights with Ryanair – take the opportunity. Don’t be a scrooge!

It thankfully stopped raining when we were flying otherwise I would have felt a bit scared of flying.

It was a FedEx plane in the skies with us

Back in England!! 😦

Got back to Stansted almost on time and we got those silly automated messages at the end of the flight which we didn’t get on my flight going as it was delayed. O Ryanair, how I wish to destroy those recordings but I forgive you as you’re only a cheap flying service trying to beat the crap out of other airlines. Plus I got 3 seats to myself on both occasions. Well done me for booking my seats!

It was a nightmare at Stansted with passport control. I think I queued for at least half an hour or less. My luggage was waaaaaaiting!!

Well I got back home safe and sound… unfortunately I had 12 more 3D mini Spidermen to make that weekend. How sad.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Travels and the girls for the stay, I will come back soon!! I really did relax and did not think too much about work. ^_^

End of Day 7 & 8.

Next holiday: Middle of March. It’s in 2 weeks time with Miss Pinky and Mr Picky. ^_^

Marseille, France 2015 – Day 6: Parc de Figuerolles

Thursday 12th February
You probably think by now that I didn’t do much or spend much during this holiday. Wrong. I spent a bit (mostly on food and sovenirs and travel!). I think being let loose is not a good thing!

Thursday activities started before 10 am. I was wide awake when Missy I and Missy S had to go to school. Mr and Mrs Travels said I should go and have a look at the neighbouring town Martigues and also try and go to Parc de Figuerolles. So I did my best!

I took a bus 22 from Port de Bouc and travelled to Martigues. I got off at the port and decided to have a look around. 
Clear sunny day with a few clouds ^_^

Martigues is like a port for yachts and business people. I think it’s a unique place if you want to find a unique cafe or a boutique.

I must have walked around the centre two or three times before I knew where I was going!

I wanted to find the bus to Parc de Figuerolles but I just couldn’t find it so I went to the tourist centre to find out. It was a bit of a walk to the tourist centre but worth it. The lady told me to take the bus 24 at Place des Aires. She showed me on the map and so I had to go and find it!

I went back to the centre and decided I needed to eat, so I ordered with my poor French some food and a cafe au lait.

Went and found the bus stop, then I saw this picturesque scene… It looked like a scene from a Chinese film that was filmed in Mainland China. So pretty… I also think I missed my bus at this point even though I was there on time!!!

Got the next bus and finally got to Parc de Figuerolles. You can’t really miss it as there’s a big sign as you enter the park entrance.

Started walking around the area. Saw a lot of climbing stuff and decided it was not worth breaking my neck as I was with no one to rescue me.

I could smell animals from afar and I spotted the ponies and horses!

I heard a cockerel and knew there must be an animal farm too! Unfortunately it was lunch time and I wasn’t able to go in and pet them. Spotted a horse that was lying on its side and thought it was dead but the horse was just bathing in the sun. I also saw a pheasant break loose and it seemed to know how to get in and out of the gates! Hah! 

I then walked around…

I returned back towards the entrance and sat for a while before getting the bus back.

On my return to Martigues I got off a few stops early to walk around… Went to a bus stop that had the number 22 bus on it. Unfortunately I stood at the wrong bus stop and missed the other bus!!! Oh well at least I got an extra 20 minutes of sun. ^_^
Returned back by mid afternoon and sat around with Mrs Travels and Missy A before the rest returned home…
This was my dinner… Thank you Mrs Travels!!

Went to sleep after 10 before I had to wake up for the final school run of the week. ^_^

End of Day 6.

Marseille, France 2015 – Day 4 & 5: More sun and relaaaax

Tuesday 10th February

Tuesday was more of a relaxed day. I went out and took a walk around Port de Bouc. It was warm and I took in some sun that morning. It was more like a nature walk of the day. (By the way I do have a selfie stick… I had a feeling I needed it on this holiday).

Stopped off at Netto to check out the snacks which I will definitely talk about later.

Didn’t buy too many snacks but enough to keep me going until the next holiday!

Went back and had some lunch. Thanks Mrs Travels!

Then I went back out and took another walk… The area is really small but has the necessaries for the locals.

Then it was just relaxation for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 11th February

I went to sleep early and got up early. It was time to take the girls to school as they had half day.
I was in Sausset Les Pins for half the day (Mr Travels drove us there) and managed to soak in some sun, read a book (Fresh off the Boat – it seems popular with the Asians at the moment as there’s a new American TV series based on this book).

This dog became attracted to my scarf (because of the fringes) and pounced on me. I think the dog wanted to play with me!

I went to a boulangerie called Boulangerie Boudouard and had coffee, 2 croissants and a pain de raisin. I was attracted to this place from the last time I came to Sausset and I had this feeling that I must have a look at this place because it looks so cute!! They have a dog there too who looks like it wants to play. This dog was also attracted to my scarf. Heheh. If only dogs could talk…

I think I was hungry because I had so much! But I don’t care, it was good stuff and very fresh. ^_^ I liked the pain de raisin because it just looked pretty and moist. I wish there was more coffee though. English (and Chinese) people like more coffee in their cups.

Definitely recommend this bakery – especially if you’re passing Sausset at any point in your travels in Marseille.

Address: 14 Avenue Siméon Gouin, 13960 Sausset-les-Pins, France

I walked more and read more along the coast of Sausset and again took in more sun!

Then it was almost time to pick up the girls so I walked back and had more coffee at a different coffee shop plus I needed a loo stop!

Took the girls back , had lunch (we almost went out to McD’s as there was a power shortage) and dinner… (The girls hijacked my phone before dinner to watch Peppa Pig).

Then relaxed for the rest of the evening and read more of the book (already read 6 chapters at this point).

Beginning to think this holiday is all about relaxation!

End of Day 4 and 5. ^_^

Marseille, France 2015 – Day 3: Marseille City

Monday 9th February
Wakey wakey! It was time to listen to the school run happen. I think had enough sleep that night but I definitely woke up in time. It was an hour later when I got up properly, had some coffee with Mrs Travels, got dressed and went to the station to head for Marseille city. Yes, I went alone, it was difficult for both Mr and Mrs Travels to go out with me so I went out exploring. I considered this a time to try out being alone in a foreign country where my lousy French might be ok to use. To be honest my brain was working with Japanese words in my mind, I have to get Japan out of my head! Heheh. My return train ticket cost less than €20, which to be honest is frigging expensive (excuse my lingo)!

Mrs Travels said I should go to View Port, so as soon as I got off the train at St Charles I took the metro. There’s only 2 metro lines in Marseille, blue and red, M1 and M2. So easy. Much better than our difficult system and easier than Paris! Hah!
I bought a 24 hour transit ticket as it was the cheapest at less than 6 euro. It was a difficult time trying to find the English instructions as there were people standing behind me, instead I just used the French (I can still read French!). The Transit ticket is a little different to our English black stripe ticket. It’s actually magnetic. No wonder foreign folk come to London thinking the plain paper tickets are magnetic! I will never roll my eyes ever again at those peeps. ¬_¬””

View Port is 2 stops away from St Charles (or you can walk it which I found out later that day). 

I walked around View Port, took some selfies and walked more around the area. I remembered that I had been around this area before. Mr Travels showed me bits and pieces of the area many years back.

Stopped off at a supermarket and bought my lunch for later. Then walked back to the metro.

Spotted an OBEY sticker!

I next went to Cinq Avenue-Longchamp Station. I wanted to see the big beautiful fountain that sat in between two museums. I stopped a few times to take pictures of street art too.

Finally I saw the fountain and went around exploring. The museum I want to go into wasn’t opened. 😦

I found a public loo at this point (make sure you bring tissue and don’t sit on the seats)… Then found a bench in the neighbouring park and had my lunch.

After finishing lunch I went to see the Funny Zoo where there are fake animals, some of them caged up…

Went back towards the fountain and decided to bask in the sun for a few moments… I needed to top up my Vitamin D plus get a facial suntan. ^_^

Next I went back to St Charles Train Station via the metro and I remembered I went to the main centre a long time ago. Looks the same from what I remembered! I shopped in a few places including C&A, an expensive chocolate shop and a gift shop in a shopping centre…

It was time to head back to the train station, I had a coffee at Illy and some McDonald’s plus listened to people use the free piano at the station to show off their skills. I wish I could play a really good piece on piano unfortunately I chose the trumpet back in secondary school and didn’t bother being skillful with the keyboard… maybe one day when I retire and have nothing to do! (Let’s just hope my brain picks up a few new skills in the future).

Then it was an hours train journey back… Was so tired! The Travels family were all having their dinner when I got back, and I even had the food that was waiting for me… I was hungry. I think I surprised them when I said I had a McDonald’s and then came back to have food. Missy I and Missy S looked at me in awe because I went to Marseille City all by myself. I will never forget their faces! Heheh.

At least I know how it feels to travel in a foreign country alone… fun but lonely…

End of Day 3.

Marseille, France 2015 – Day 1 & 2: Je reviens

Saturday 7th February

It was time to get of cold England!

It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve been to Marseille and about a year since I’ve been to France. I miss my French-Chinese family… 
My day started at 2 am, I had 5 hours sleep and wanted to get the early train to Stansted Airport which was at 3.40 am… Before 3 in the morning you will see a lot of Londoners still awake especially the young students who live around my area… Anyway I got to Stansted around 4.30. Checked my baggage in (which was unfortunately overweight at 18 kg so I either had to pay or take things out. I paid), went through security and had breakfast at Burger King. Then I had to go and wait for my gate, I sat around the airport and desperation for a seat I sat on a heater by the window playing Candy Crush Soda (yep, I’m addicted to the game).
Burger King breakfast – had to be a cheapskate
Finally departure gate was announced. Thankfully I paid for the priority queue, so I was one of the first people to queue. All the passengers managed to get on the plane on time and I managed to find myself in the wrong seat… Should have been in the seat in front in which I got up and sat on. Unfortunately the flight was delayed for about an hour! Engine / door problems. Boohoo. 
Flying over south of England
I think we reached the French Alps

Finally in Marseille!

We got to Marseille by 10.30 am (British time: 9.30 am). Unfortunately passport control was a nightmare, queuing system looked a little changed as the barriers limited the people queuing around… And luggage took forever!!
Mr Travels and Missy S were waiting outside for me and we took a car ride back to their place.
We had lunch. Played a bit of children’s playing cards. Talked a lot. And finally went to sleep… (I was exhausted!).
Home made cake and mascarpone

Raclette for dinner!!!

I miss Raclette ^_^

Sunday 8th February

I woke up by 8ish ad Missy I and Missy S woke up early! Early sleepers rise early.

Mrs Travels and the girls took me around Port de Bouc which is a different area that stayed in last. It was very windy that day!


We came back and ate loads of food… And basically the rest of the day was like a rest day since no shops open on a Sunday and nothing much really happens. Very quiet day… I even managed to do some 3D origami!

Mrs Travels tuna and pasta bake with raclette cheese
Pancakes for tea!! Mini crepes

It was an early night since I was going to be up early (sleeping on the sofa) listening to the school run happen. ^__^

End of Day 1 and 2.

Happy Chinese New Year 2015

This year it’s the year of the ram/sheep/goat (whatever you want to call the animal) this year. In Chinese it’s only one word/character – 羊 (canto: yeung; mando: yang). It’s rather late this year!!
It’s the ram year! There is money in that red envelope by the way. ^_^
Lots of people still ask me what do we do during Chinese New Year. I always reply back that we go out and eat with friends, be at home with family and eat, dress up in new clothes or in red, get red envelopes from the elders (if you’re lucky), play with firecrackers (if you’re allowed in the UK) and just do things like you would do during Christmas… but we celebrate the coming of Spring instead of the birth of Jesus.
We use the Lunar calendar which is basically based on the moon cycle. Not sure how it was all calculated in ancient times but it seems very fascinating!
Well instead of me blabbing on as usual, here’s a video on some of the traditions of Chinese New Year.

And here’s a tiny emotional video on how the Chinese care during the celebrations. ^_^

Make sure to go out and celebrate in China Town on Sunday 22nd!! ^_____^

An update from today 21/02/2015…

The lion dance was taking place where they bless each Chinese business around China Town… I think I either forgot or didn’t know, but anyway, I took a few pics from today. I only wanted to buy cake today!!

3D Origami Heart – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Greetings from wherever I am when this post gets posted (I bet I’ll be in Marseille flying back to London) and Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day being in love (or breaking up ¬,¬””) or just being single and not bothering with the whole shibang… Anyway, here’s a 3D origami heart which I made 2 weeks before today (thought someone would buy it off from me, but no, no one wants it, so it’s sitting in a cabinet). It’s so easy to make but be prepared to fold a lot of pieces beforehand. ^_^

Here’s the video I used to make the heart above.  It’s in Mandarin Chinese but it’s easy to follow even if you don’t understand the language…

Have fun!

3D Origami – An Owl, The Millennium Falcon and More Southpark!

From tomorrow morning I’m away for one week… Not a Valentine’s getaway but a visit to see Mr and Mrs Travels and their children! Off to Marseille I go. 😀

So before I go here’s some more 3D origami from last month.

This is an owl a friend from work wanted. So I made it as simple as I could. 😀 I will definitely add a post on how to make this too (after my holiday!).

Mrs Jewelry wanted to surprise her husband with this Millennium Falcon from Star Wars… and so I made a really simple model.

Mr Picky still loves Southpark! Here’s Randy Marsh

And Ike Kyle!

Hope you’ve all been inspired to make some 3D origami models.

See you back in a week!

3D Origami – Coldplay

Started the year by making Coldplay. My colleague is definitely addicted to all the model making I do and I have a feeling he’s going to order more again this year!! I hope I doesn’t become bankrupt by buying all these models…
The more new models I make the more this business strives… Even Mrs Hen wants to start modelling to make money. Hahahahah. ^_^

3D Origami – Coldplay

Here’s a closer look of each model I made… And I even made a stage!

Chris Martin

Jonny Buckland

Guy Berryman

Will Champion

I just hope no one asks me to make anymore bands. Sometimes it’s really hard to get all the hair styles and facial looks just right. Go Geek!!

Bodean’s – London Poland Street

Ah it’s been a while since I’ve been out to eat and plus have a catch up with Miss Money and Mr Games. Sometimes I miss these two because they can’t stop bickering like an old couple (fun bickering of course), but all three of us are good friends.
I made the choice of wanting to go to Bodean’s because I know it’s American dining style, the food is in big portions and it’s in Poland Street (in between Soho and Oxford Street) PLUS I’ve been wanting to go to this restaurant for a long time. But first we had a small look at TGI Fridays before making our final decision to go here… Mr Games almost took us in the wrong direction but I definitely remembered it wasn’t towards the Regent Street area. 
There are two sections in the dining area. I’m afraid I forgot to take a picture of the outside and inside, but you can’t miss it when you pass the Yo! Sushi (the original one). The top dining area you can order certain foods but in the bottom half you can order everything! You need to book a table if you want to sit downstairs, if you don’t book you will have to wait. 😦
First we ordered our food and drinks. We all ordered mocktails…
Mine’s the big tall one… Miss Money had the smaller one

Mr Games’ drink

And this is our food…

Mr Games had this big massive plate of macaroni cheese and chicken. He didn’t finish it, but it did taste good. 

Miss Money wanted ribs so she ordered the full rack of ribs which came with chips and coleslaw. Ribs were ok.

And I ordered the burnt ends with pulled pork. Ummm. The burnt ends are beef brisket which was dry and not like the very tender beef brisket I usually eat. This was dressed with BBQ sauce. The pulled pork on the other hand was probably the best thing on the plate. Even the other two agreed that they liked the pulled pork! ^_^ I made a good choice of food as the other two didn’t finish their food…

Total came to £55.52 which included service charge.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5

Good points:
– Spacious booth seating
– Good portion sizes of food – very big for the British stomach
– Very American
– Got there early so we didn’t have to wait too long (actually zero wait)

Bad points:
– Service charge

Address: 10 Poland St, London W1F 8PZ
Telephone: 020 7287 7575


In the end we all ended up in Starbucks in Regent Street. I wanted to try out their Filter White coffee… Way too strong. I’ve had a better version in Dulwich.