Japanese Kit Kat Citrus Golden Blend Flavour キットカット 柑橘黄金ブレンド

A Japanese Kit Kat post! Yay! 
Before I start the day (afternoon more like) with Japanese studying and other things, I am quickly writing this post on a Kit Kat flavour I found in a shop in Akihabara. It is Citrus Golden Blend flavour and it’s a limited edition too. Woohoo!! (Note: You cannot get this in the UK).
This one came in a box. The ones you get in the supermarket are in packets… I couldn’t find the big versions either. So sad. Would have loved to see the big Japanese Kit Kat that I kept on hearing about. 😦
Japanese Kit Kat Citrus Golden Blend Flavour

Back of the box
There are 12 mini Kit Kat’s in the box, just like the ones you see in the packet.
12 mini Kit Kat’s in the box

Close up
They’ve used white chocolate here, which I guess is just easy to manipulate the flavours with. The flavour is a combination of lemon, lime and orange. I could taste a hint of orange at first, then I was hit by the sourness of the lemon and lime then the sweetness of the white chocolate and wafer. It’s an almost strange flavour but I those who like citrus flavours will want to have a try for this one!

On the front of the box it says 中国四国限定 (pronounced in Japanese: Chūgoku Shikoku gentei) meaning it’s a China Limited Edition… Huh?!
Can’t wait to try out the other flavour I bought… ^_^