Japanese Kit Kat Tokyo Rum Raisin Flavour キットカット ラムレーズン

My penultimate post on Japanese snacks. So what’s do I have here? 
Japanese Kit Kat of course! Here is another limited edition flavour – Tokyo Rum Raisin. I saw this in the toy store and thought I must buy this!! It’s rum and raisin flavour. I love the ice cream flavoured rum and raisin so I’m sure I will definitely like this. ^_^
Japanese Kit Kat Tokyo Rum Raisin Flavour 

Back of the box

12 Kit Kat’s in the box

Well as with all the Japanese Kit Kat’s I’ve had so far they pretty much look all the same…

So skipping onto the flavours. It smells of sweet chocolate and rum, smells really alcoholic. Once you eat it you would think you’re going to get drunk from the strong rum flavour. The sweet raisin flavour is undetectable – I think this is masked by the white chocolate. It’s really good and feels like I’m eating the ice cream version. Ooooo.

Close up
I wonder if there’s a chocolate in the UK that has made this flavour. Must scour the shops for it. ^_^