Yuraku Black Thunder Mini Bar ユーラク ブラックサンダーミニバー

If you remember from last year I blogged about the Black Thunder Mini Cookie Crunch. Lots of my work friends loved the stuff and so as soon as I saw the Black Thunder chocolate in one of the supermarkets in Tokyo I had to buy a packet (2 in fact, as I gave one to my colleague). But this one’s different. It’s the Black Thunder Mini Bar. I’ve been waiting patiently to eat this and finally the time has come. ^_^ Extremely excited!
Yuraku Black Thunder Mini Bar 

Back of the packet
Although they are small they taste absolutely gorgeous. (Never thought I would say the word gorgeous in this post ¬_¬”)
Look so small 😦

Back of the mini bar
It’s like an Oreo chocolate biscuit covered with milk chocolate, but the biscuit is extra thick and a nice texture to it. The milk chocolate is not too sweet but goes well with the chocolate biscuit. I just wish I could have found the bigger version of this. Why couldn’t I find the big ones?!!!!
It’s a rough piece of chocolate bar there
It’s just so tasty, I wish I could have bought more packets… but didn’t have enough space in the suitcase. 😦 I want more Black Thunder!
Look at that chocolatey biscuit inside!!
And that’s it. The last of my Japanese snacks from Tokyo. I hope to go back to Japan some time in the future for more snacks (or probably I will just order online)… maybe not with Miss Pinky (as we’ll go further afield to other destinations), possibly with some Japanese language classmates or different friends… We’ll see in many years to come! ^_^

One thought on “Yuraku Black Thunder Mini Bar ユーラク ブラックサンダーミニバー

  1. Good one. Reach the Black Thunder Park in the morning to avoid the rush and the afternoon sun. As the afternoon sun welcomes you, head indoors for multiple arcade games and hit the pool as soon as the sun descends. The park has a changing room, a locker room and most importantly, a nice restaurant and a refreshment stall which is great to grab a quick bite in between your rides. heck out all about Black Thunder.


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