Marseille, France 2015 – Day 1 & 2: Je reviens

Saturday 7th February

It was time to get of cold England!

It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve been to Marseille and about a year since I’ve been to France. I miss my French-Chinese family… 
My day started at 2 am, I had 5 hours sleep and wanted to get the early train to Stansted Airport which was at 3.40 am… Before 3 in the morning you will see a lot of Londoners still awake especially the young students who live around my area… Anyway I got to Stansted around 4.30. Checked my baggage in (which was unfortunately overweight at 18 kg so I either had to pay or take things out. I paid), went through security and had breakfast at Burger King. Then I had to go and wait for my gate, I sat around the airport and desperation for a seat I sat on a heater by the window playing Candy Crush Soda (yep, I’m addicted to the game).
Burger King breakfast – had to be a cheapskate
Finally departure gate was announced. Thankfully I paid for the priority queue, so I was one of the first people to queue. All the passengers managed to get on the plane on time and I managed to find myself in the wrong seat… Should have been in the seat in front in which I got up and sat on. Unfortunately the flight was delayed for about an hour! Engine / door problems. Boohoo. 
Flying over south of England
I think we reached the French Alps

Finally in Marseille!

We got to Marseille by 10.30 am (British time: 9.30 am). Unfortunately passport control was a nightmare, queuing system looked a little changed as the barriers limited the people queuing around… And luggage took forever!!
Mr Travels and Missy S were waiting outside for me and we took a car ride back to their place.
We had lunch. Played a bit of children’s playing cards. Talked a lot. And finally went to sleep… (I was exhausted!).
Home made cake and mascarpone

Raclette for dinner!!!

I miss Raclette ^_^

Sunday 8th February

I woke up by 8ish ad Missy I and Missy S woke up early! Early sleepers rise early.

Mrs Travels and the girls took me around Port de Bouc which is a different area that stayed in last. It was very windy that day!


We came back and ate loads of food… And basically the rest of the day was like a rest day since no shops open on a Sunday and nothing much really happens. Very quiet day… I even managed to do some 3D origami!

Mrs Travels tuna and pasta bake with raclette cheese
Pancakes for tea!! Mini crepes

It was an early night since I was going to be up early (sleeping on the sofa) listening to the school run happen. ^__^

End of Day 1 and 2.

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