Marseille, France 2015 – Day 3: Marseille City

Monday 9th February
Wakey wakey! It was time to listen to the school run happen. I think had enough sleep that night but I definitely woke up in time. It was an hour later when I got up properly, had some coffee with Mrs Travels, got dressed and went to the station to head for Marseille city. Yes, I went alone, it was difficult for both Mr and Mrs Travels to go out with me so I went out exploring. I considered this a time to try out being alone in a foreign country where my lousy French might be ok to use. To be honest my brain was working with Japanese words in my mind, I have to get Japan out of my head! Heheh. My return train ticket cost less than €20, which to be honest is frigging expensive (excuse my lingo)!

Mrs Travels said I should go to View Port, so as soon as I got off the train at St Charles I took the metro. There’s only 2 metro lines in Marseille, blue and red, M1 and M2. So easy. Much better than our difficult system and easier than Paris! Hah!
I bought a 24 hour transit ticket as it was the cheapest at less than 6 euro. It was a difficult time trying to find the English instructions as there were people standing behind me, instead I just used the French (I can still read French!). The Transit ticket is a little different to our English black stripe ticket. It’s actually magnetic. No wonder foreign folk come to London thinking the plain paper tickets are magnetic! I will never roll my eyes ever again at those peeps. ¬_¬””

View Port is 2 stops away from St Charles (or you can walk it which I found out later that day). 

I walked around View Port, took some selfies and walked more around the area. I remembered that I had been around this area before. Mr Travels showed me bits and pieces of the area many years back.

Stopped off at a supermarket and bought my lunch for later. Then walked back to the metro.

Spotted an OBEY sticker!

I next went to Cinq Avenue-Longchamp Station. I wanted to see the big beautiful fountain that sat in between two museums. I stopped a few times to take pictures of street art too.

Finally I saw the fountain and went around exploring. The museum I want to go into wasn’t opened. 😦

I found a public loo at this point (make sure you bring tissue and don’t sit on the seats)… Then found a bench in the neighbouring park and had my lunch.

After finishing lunch I went to see the Funny Zoo where there are fake animals, some of them caged up…

Went back towards the fountain and decided to bask in the sun for a few moments… I needed to top up my Vitamin D plus get a facial suntan. ^_^

Next I went back to St Charles Train Station via the metro and I remembered I went to the main centre a long time ago. Looks the same from what I remembered! I shopped in a few places including C&A, an expensive chocolate shop and a gift shop in a shopping centre…

It was time to head back to the train station, I had a coffee at Illy and some McDonald’s plus listened to people use the free piano at the station to show off their skills. I wish I could play a really good piece on piano unfortunately I chose the trumpet back in secondary school and didn’t bother being skillful with the keyboard… maybe one day when I retire and have nothing to do! (Let’s just hope my brain picks up a few new skills in the future).

Then it was an hours train journey back… Was so tired! The Travels family were all having their dinner when I got back, and I even had the food that was waiting for me… I was hungry. I think I surprised them when I said I had a McDonald’s and then came back to have food. Missy I and Missy S looked at me in awe because I went to Marseille City all by myself. I will never forget their faces! Heheh.

At least I know how it feels to travel in a foreign country alone… fun but lonely…

End of Day 3.

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