Marseille, France 2015 – Day 4 & 5: More sun and relaaaax

Tuesday 10th February

Tuesday was more of a relaxed day. I went out and took a walk around Port de Bouc. It was warm and I took in some sun that morning. It was more like a nature walk of the day. (By the way I do have a selfie stick… I had a feeling I needed it on this holiday).

Stopped off at Netto to check out the snacks which I will definitely talk about later.

Didn’t buy too many snacks but enough to keep me going until the next holiday!

Went back and had some lunch. Thanks Mrs Travels!

Then I went back out and took another walk… The area is really small but has the necessaries for the locals.

Then it was just relaxation for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 11th February

I went to sleep early and got up early. It was time to take the girls to school as they had half day.
I was in Sausset Les Pins for half the day (Mr Travels drove us there) and managed to soak in some sun, read a book (Fresh off the Boat – it seems popular with the Asians at the moment as there’s a new American TV series based on this book).

This dog became attracted to my scarf (because of the fringes) and pounced on me. I think the dog wanted to play with me!

I went to a boulangerie called Boulangerie Boudouard and had coffee, 2 croissants and a pain de raisin. I was attracted to this place from the last time I came to Sausset and I had this feeling that I must have a look at this place because it looks so cute!! They have a dog there too who looks like it wants to play. This dog was also attracted to my scarf. Heheh. If only dogs could talk…

I think I was hungry because I had so much! But I don’t care, it was good stuff and very fresh. ^_^ I liked the pain de raisin because it just looked pretty and moist. I wish there was more coffee though. English (and Chinese) people like more coffee in their cups.

Definitely recommend this bakery – especially if you’re passing Sausset at any point in your travels in Marseille.

Address: 14 Avenue Siméon Gouin, 13960 Sausset-les-Pins, France

I walked more and read more along the coast of Sausset and again took in more sun!

Then it was almost time to pick up the girls so I walked back and had more coffee at a different coffee shop plus I needed a loo stop!

Took the girls back , had lunch (we almost went out to McD’s as there was a power shortage) and dinner… (The girls hijacked my phone before dinner to watch Peppa Pig).

Then relaxed for the rest of the evening and read more of the book (already read 6 chapters at this point).

Beginning to think this holiday is all about relaxation!

End of Day 4 and 5. ^_^

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