Marseille, France 2015 – Day 6: Parc de Figuerolles

Thursday 12th February
You probably think by now that I didn’t do much or spend much during this holiday. Wrong. I spent a bit (mostly on food and sovenirs and travel!). I think being let loose is not a good thing!

Thursday activities started before 10 am. I was wide awake when Missy I and Missy S had to go to school. Mr and Mrs Travels said I should go and have a look at the neighbouring town Martigues and also try and go to Parc de Figuerolles. So I did my best!

I took a bus 22 from Port de Bouc and travelled to Martigues. I got off at the port and decided to have a look around. 
Clear sunny day with a few clouds ^_^

Martigues is like a port for yachts and business people. I think it’s a unique place if you want to find a unique cafe or a boutique.

I must have walked around the centre two or three times before I knew where I was going!

I wanted to find the bus to Parc de Figuerolles but I just couldn’t find it so I went to the tourist centre to find out. It was a bit of a walk to the tourist centre but worth it. The lady told me to take the bus 24 at Place des Aires. She showed me on the map and so I had to go and find it!

I went back to the centre and decided I needed to eat, so I ordered with my poor French some food and a cafe au lait.

Went and found the bus stop, then I saw this picturesque scene… It looked like a scene from a Chinese film that was filmed in Mainland China. So pretty… I also think I missed my bus at this point even though I was there on time!!!

Got the next bus and finally got to Parc de Figuerolles. You can’t really miss it as there’s a big sign as you enter the park entrance.

Started walking around the area. Saw a lot of climbing stuff and decided it was not worth breaking my neck as I was with no one to rescue me.

I could smell animals from afar and I spotted the ponies and horses!

I heard a cockerel and knew there must be an animal farm too! Unfortunately it was lunch time and I wasn’t able to go in and pet them. Spotted a horse that was lying on its side and thought it was dead but the horse was just bathing in the sun. I also saw a pheasant break loose and it seemed to know how to get in and out of the gates! Hah! 

I then walked around…

I returned back towards the entrance and sat for a while before getting the bus back.

On my return to Martigues I got off a few stops early to walk around… Went to a bus stop that had the number 22 bus on it. Unfortunately I stood at the wrong bus stop and missed the other bus!!! Oh well at least I got an extra 20 minutes of sun. ^_^
Returned back by mid afternoon and sat around with Mrs Travels and Missy A before the rest returned home…
This was my dinner… Thank you Mrs Travels!!

Went to sleep after 10 before I had to wake up for the final school run of the week. ^_^

End of Day 6.

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