Dia Chocolat Noir – Mousse Chocolat

Before I fly again in less than 2 weeks time, (I’m so excited about this next holiday – I may not be rich but I know how to save for all these holidays) I thought I might as well start on the snacks I bought around Marseille. Plus my internet just went back on when there’s a storm outside (need to start typing fast in case the internet goes down again!). >.<""
This chocolate I spotted in the supermarket Dia. It’s a Dia brand and it’s something I never tried before.
Dia Chocolat Noir – Mousse Chocolat

Back of the packet
The pieces are nice and big which is what I like about French chocolate bars. 
Big pieces of chocolate
It’s a dark chocolate and there’s chocolate mousse inside. It actually melts quite quickly in your fingers so it was quite hard taking a shot of the mousse. The dark chocolate itself is not too bitter, quite sweet actually and the mousse is nice and soft as expected but the taste is covered by the sweetness of the dark chocolate. Aftertaste is not that great, it leaves a weird taste – quite instantly. Eek.
Moussy insides
You can easily eat this in one sitting! Fear not, I have a few pieces left. ^_^

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