Cote d’Or Truffé Noir Pistache

Oh the stress this week! (Hence the lack of fun this week). How does one wind down after getting people told off (not by me thankfully but I am the source ¬.¬””) for doing all the wrong things at work? That’s easy. Eat chocolate. ^_^ 
I have only stuffed myself with 4 pieces of this Cote d’Or Truffé Noir Pistache which I think means Pistachio and Truffle Black chocolate. 

Not seen a chocolate bar in this flavour before and since it’s new I thought it was best to give it a try…
Hmm maybe I should turned away from it. It’s a funny combination between truffle and the dark chocolate and then the funny taste of pistachio in between. It’s actually quite hard to describe. Sweet as if it wants to be a milk chocolate. Just too sweet. It also melts into your fingers too easily.
Oh well, it was a nice try with this combo but I don’t think I’ll buy this again.  😛 Disappointed.