Milka In Colors Chocolate

It’s finally the end of the week. It has been a nightmare week of all weeks so far this year. Boo to all my colleagues who don’t comply with my needs! ¬.¬ Selfish-Workaholic Geek needs attention.
But calmness prevails and chocolate comforts ones sorrows once again! ^_^
This time I’m trying out Milka’s In Colours chocolate bar. From the front cover it looks like Smarties covered in chocolate. Not noticed this one being out in the UK… or has it been? Hmm.
If you have tasted Milka chocolate then there’s no need for me to explain what it tastes likes.
It has a lot of crunchy sugar coated shells (all I can see are orange and yellow ones from the front) and at one moment in time I took a big piece and gulped it down. It’s good stuff. Tastes a bit peanutty after a while. A bit sweet but better than the Truffe Noir Pistache chocolate I had yesterday.
I bet all these chocolate companies are having a fun-filled time making all these combos. What’s next?!

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