Chips Saveur Wasabi

Oh boy. Did I find a good snack in Marseille? Oh yes I did. ^_^

I found another wasabi flavoured crisps in Netto. These are packaged in a sealed packet and a hard to open box.

Chips Saveur Wasabi

Product of China

The silver foiled packaging is really tough to open, so I recommend using scissors to open. ^_^

Looks like Pringles but in a plastic tub

These are really, really good. They have a light potato taste (a bit like eating Pringles) and the wasabi kicks in when you eat a few at a time. I wonder if Pringles will pick ever up on this flavour. I like it and I’m sure anyone who likes wasabi will like this.

Taste awesome!

I really like these and I hope I’ll one day find them in the UK… Otherwise I’ll just have to pop over to France every few months! ¬,¬””