Survival in New York 2015: Day 2 – Times Square, Chinatown and Little Italy

Sunday 15th March
Sunday started early. Mr Picky and Miss Pinky were already awake and they seemed to have a good nights sleep. Not fair.

Anyway. We all got ready and were out of the hotel by 9. That’s early for a Sunday and lots of people were up already eating breakfast…

We were looking around on Lexington Avenue and trying to find a diner with decent food… This meant we kept walking and asking the locals… One lady just ignored me and Miss Pinky >.<"" ! D'oh! We think she thought we were going to attack her… But one nice gentleman stopped and acknowledged us. Heheh.

Finally we we ended up in this cafe called Oxford Cafe. The food wasn’t fantastic but my latte was good! My cream cheese bagel was ok but when it came to my apple filling croissant I looked at in disgust! What are these Americans thinking. This is not a croisssant! Mr Picky didn’t like his poached eggs, they looked undercooked. Miss Pinky was enjoying her pancakes though – at least one of us was happy.

Pancakes, sausages and bacon

Cream cheese bagel

Poached eggs and … I’m not sure what that stuff is… hash brown?

Apple filling croissant ¬,¬” Are these Americans serious???!!!

It was an expensive breakfast at $39 (~ £26) which I think included service charge. We didn’t like the plastic plates or the cutlery unfortunately… Kitchenware needs an upgrade.

Then we just went back towards the hotel. Miss Pinky and Mr Picky took a nap… And me? I started writing and watching the food channel…

We finally went back out and Mr Picky was hungry because of the breakfast situation so he bought two slices of pizza which were awfully massive! So I had one slice. It was salty pepperoni. 

Next we ended up going to a bar on 40th Street called Peter Dillon’s… I think I was a bit moody because I wanted to go out and explore and not sit around doing nothing on this trip! My moody tantrum worked (hey I’m an Aries, I’m allowed to be stubborn and moody) because we ended up going to Times Square (Miss Pinky’s idea – which we was going to go to in the first place)…

We kept getting lost so we kept asking people (more like me asking for the right direction and confirming what the person said to me was the right way… Mr Picky and Miss Pinky were totally directing all of us the wrong way!!). I’m a geek, remember that! 😛

Please note: if you are going to take pictures with these animated characters in suits they expect you to pay a small amount of money… I didn’t ask for a photo… I’m too smart for that!

Times Square!!

Flag of the USA 

Times Square reminded me of Akihabara in Tokyo, the electric town and it also reminded me of Leicester Square in London.

M&M World


Then to Chinatown! You have to note that some New Yorkers are really moody and rude when it comes to buying tickets at the Metro station and the people behind you are practically rude! (Us Londoners are really civilised peopled when it comes to queuing and waiting our turn – I will try not to complain much about queues anymore… maybe ¬,¬”). Second note: they do not sell return tickets. They only do single trips for $2.50. So you must get a Metro card for $1 then use that to top up every time you use the Metro. Oooh, why haven’t they started using magnetic top up cards like London, Hong Kong and Japan. Even Marseille are using magnetic tickets! The Metro needs a mega upgrade. 

This reminds me of the French Metro machines… but the French one is cooler!

Once we got to Chinatown we pretty much split up. Miss Pinky and Mr Picky went to find food and I went around to explore the area… Felt like I was in London and a there was a bit of Hong Kong in between. There’s no big gate but it did feel very Chinese in the area.

Luk Fook Jewellery Shop!!

Aji Ichiban in New York City!!

Sorry… had to take a picture of this… It looked different and awkwardly amusing.

The way to Manhattan Bridge

Big massive HSBC

Then I went to explore Little Italy, only a little bit of it to see some street art before I went back to find the other two.

This is really famous!

See how inventive this street artist is… uses the air vents as part of his art work

Pretty cool stuff

Couldn’t focus well on this side

Little Hulk!! Really famous art work in NYC!!

Little Italy

In the end I ordered a bbq pork bun and a milk tea (Tetley tea of course). It came to $3 (~£2). Cheap. The only cheap food I will ever get on this trip! Too much tipping around. Service charge in London is only 12.5%!

Pork bun and milk tea

All three of us trekked back out to Little Italy and I got to see my favourite stuff… Street art!!!!!

Little Italy’s hydrant

 Miss Pinky thinks this is my long lost sister. 😛

Audrey Hepburn!! Wow!!

It’s a joke….

Walked more and then ended up getting on the Metro to Grand Central.

At Grand Central Station we started listening to this music artist Verbal Ase… he’s really cool!

And off we go…

As we walked back to the hotel, I took a picture of this Converse trainer hanging in the tree, Mr Picky said it was something to do with gangs in the neighborhood, but I’m not so sure. Could someone enlighten us with this… bullying, maybe? Or did someone lose their shoe on purpose?

Missing a shoe someone?

I took a two hour nap afterwards… I overslept my two hours and we went out afterwards to have our dinner at Scotty’s Diner on Lexington Avenue. Our host was kind of corny but nice. Mr Picky thought he was being smarmy but I thought he was a delight trying to be friendly, suggestive in the food area and quite courteous actually!

Scotty’s Diner in Lexington Avenue

I had the corn beef wrap with fries… Pastrami is too fattening apparently… ¬,¬”

Miss Pinky had the buffalo wings which she didn’t like. Too much salad and not enough sticky sauce which came separately.

And Mr Picky had a burger with fries…

Then we had a cheesecake in the end. It was absolutely gorgeous. Tasted like vanilla ice cream! But there was not enough biscuit… 😦

Can’t remember the total for the bill but I don’t think it was too pricey… Definitely tryout the cheesecake peeps!!!
Address: 336 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States
Finally we headed back and Mr Picky and I went up to the hotel roof top so that I could have a look and he could have a smoke before returning back to Miss Pinky, heheheh. Those two make me laugh… I think I’m supposed to be their guardian and separator at the same time. Hah!

Rooftop view from Pod 30 Hotel

Empire State Building is just in view

Night time in Manhatten ^_^

I think I over ate because I couldn’t sleep. Again!

End of Day 2.

p.s. It’s my birthday today… ^____^ Getting older!!