Survival in New York 2015: Day 4 – Empire State Building and St Patrick’s Day

Tuesday 17th March
St Paddy’s Day!!!! And guess what?! There’s a parade for this too!!! This was the main reason why we came to New York… But before this I went to the Empire State Building (don’t worry, I consulted with Miss Pinky before going ahead – before she got mad at me again… emotions do run high during pregnancy I must say!).
I was advised to go early before the queues started growing, so I left the hotel at 7.30 am. I got there in 15 minutes! I’m a pro walker. If you’re trying to the find the entrance which is currently covered with scaffolding, it’s just opposite Wendy’s on 5th Avenue. I asked about the tickets but you just buy them as you go up the escalator and pass the security section.
The security section actually reminded me of going up The Shard. Unfortunately they took my selfie stick away (which I hadn’t used for the entire trip). You are warned, selfie sticks are banned!! So tickets cost $32 (~£21), ok, that’s cheaper than going up The Shard, but that’s just for the observatory deck and not further up. If you want to see more you have to pay for more… 😦 (I like The Shard).

There’s two sets of lifts and in between the lifts there’s a gallery section before you get to the second lift…

I actually got confused and walked backwards because I couldn’t see the sign for the next lift… Confusing!!

When I got up to the deck (it was cold and rainy that morning) I took a lot of pictures… I think I wasn’t that impressed with the whole thing but at least I gave it a go!!

Address: 350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118, United States

It was time to go back, but firstly I stopped off at Staples and bought some sticky notes because I couldn’t be bothered to buy them in England… (told Miss Pinky I went in there later in the week because she thought she would have to go stationery shopping with me, lol… she wasn’t impressed – but I knew she wouldn’t want to go in anyway! :p).

I headed back to the hotel, then met up with Miss Pinky and Mr Picky. We had some food first. Mr Picky had to skip as the pizza places weren’t opened yet… so I had sushi first. And Miss Pinky had a noodle soup.
We walked up to 44th and 45th Street but it was all closed off so we had to walk to 49th where we could enter and find a spot to look at the parade as it started at 11 am. We stood in front of Saks Fifth Avenue which was blaring out a horrible tune throughout the parade… I think they could have at least turned it off or toned it down… 

We were there for a good 2 hours looking at the bands, NYPD, the Navy and Army… There were even bagpipes too! Here’s a lot of pictures, well, just some of them, so keep scrolling…

My camera’s battery died at this point… so I had to my phone.

It was too much for us and so we went back, loo break and had food at Cosi on 45th Street where a lot of the bands were awaiting their turn for the parade.
Went back towards the hotel when I decided I wanted to try out Dunkin Donuts. I didn’t know what I wanted so I chose the 6 donut option. Unfortunately I think they ran out of the icing ones so I got all the dull ones… Not great stuff. I liked the chocolate ones, the blueberry one and the funny looking one… My iced latte needed sugar too…
Miss Pinky and Mr Picky had already decided to hit the pubs at this point (before I went to get my donuts) and I took my time getting there – I was tired from the standing around. Went back out and popped into Peter Dillon’s, they were checking our ID on this day… hmmmm… And I had a Guinness in a plastic cup! ¬,¬””
Miss Pinky was tired so we left Mr Picky and went out… We actually ended up a couple of blocks down the road, where we found a Chinese restaurant and we had food in peace and quiet. I couldn’t eat much as I already had 3 and half donuts!!!
They speak a mixture of Cantonese and Mandarin but obviously I spoke in Cantonese.

The waitress recommended these fish dumplings… and they were huge!

Can’t remember the total, but it was reasonable (around $40 ~£26 I think). Portions of food were big and the quality was great!! ^_^ I recommend. (Mr Picky was upset we went out and had food… oh dear, don’t ever look him in the eye Miss Pinky told me).

Address: 242 E 40th St, New York, NY 10016, United States

Went back towards the pub, and I think I was hit on by a guy who was blowing kisses outside the pub! Oh dear. Lol! I politely said I was waiting on some – that would be Miss Pinky who was checking up on Mr Picky who got hit on by a girl too… heheh (This does not usually happen to me by the way… New Yorkers really know how to hit on people). ^_^ I think Miss Pinky was the only one who was not hit on that day… ¬,¬”” 
Back to shopping and then to the hotel. There’s a Taco restaurant/bar joined to the hotel and we went and had a drink… The bar is very expensive and they also expect you to tip too! ¬,¬” We’re not going here again… 
Expensive cocktail!!
Night food consisted of pizza on top of the hotel. 
Broccoli Pizza!!

Took a final picture of the night lights in New York City where the Empire State Building was lit up in green. ^_^
St Paddy’s Day at night

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