Survival in New York 2015: Day 5 – Open Loop Tour Bus

Wednesday 18th March
It was time to do some more touring around New York City since I don’t think we would have time to go everywhere (well, we had a pregnant lady with us). We pre-booked some bus tour tickets from the hotel where there is a helpdesk for tours and whatnots. There are two tours available from the hotel the Big Bus Tour and the Open Loop Tour Bus. We chose the Open Loop Tour as there were three trips and we were able to hop on and hop off. It cost $39 (~£26) for the uptown, downtown and night tours. The ferry to see the Statue of Liberty is a separate fee, but don’t know how much that costs or we could get the free ferry, however it was too cold that day so we didn’t get the ferry.
Our tour started from 42nd Street in front of Bryant Park and it started snowing lightly for a few minutes. There is a bus every half an hour. Whilst we waiting I think I was hit on by a weird Asian man who started talking to me in Chinese and Japanese. Oh dear me! ¬,¬”” I started saying no in Japanese and said I spoke Cantonese… Argggh… Go away weirdo!!! Thankfully the bus arrived, I got on and the weirdo left. Phew!! ¬,¬””

I sat on top for the uptown tour but was practically frozen afterwards. Had to wrap up like a ninja! Miss Pinky said I looked like a raspberry muffin. XD

We passed by Central Park and looked at all the expensive shops. The audio wasn’t working properly so I skipped that and decided to look at all the buildings and scenery.

Just keep scrolling down… lots of pictures ahead…

We shopped around and had a McDonald’s after this. Miss Pinky pointed out that the Americans are better at packaging than the British. ¬,¬”” Well why doesn’t she go to the UK Head office and say that.

Second tour was heading downtown, we had missed the tour bus by a minute so we had to wait for the next one which came in an hour instead of half an hour so we sat around Bryant Park and had a look inside HBO. 

Again I was frozen. It was a longer journey and there was so much traffic. I really hate the New York Grid Plan. There’s no shortcut in between streets, no wonder New Yorkers like to beep their car horn so much. Grid plans do not work for a city like this.

The tour bus stopped here and the guide on the bus was saying to look on our left hand side… What was on our left hand side?

O… a bull. We’re supposed to rub either end good luck. Head for finance and / or the end for fertility (info from a friend in London). ^_^

Didn’t stop for the ferry for the Statue of Liberty… too cooooold!!

We were all trembling when we got off. We needed the loo and we needed food and drinks. We headed back towards 40th Street near our hotel and went into the Asian store near there… I wanted to eat noodles and so we waited for the chef… The Korean chef guy is weird… He demanded us to tip! I think Miss Pinky was in shock. I have never seen someone asking us to tip. I hate tipping. Ban it in the USA and increase the minimum wage! Anyway, I had the shrimp tempura ramen. The shrimp became all soggy as the chef put it at the bottom of the pot.

Miss Pinky had udon noodles. We agreed the food was good but service was bad!!
We went back to the hotel and this time we wrapped up warm for the night tour which started on 51st Street Broadway. I think the rest of the people thought we were weird wrapping up like ninjas – they weren’t on the day tours which made us all cold. I felt warmer thankfully but still cold… New York City is beautiful at night. Love the night lights in Manhatten. ^_^

Mr Picky and Miss Pinky being coooold!

Times Square at night is beautiful!!!

Night lights of Manhattan!! ^_^

We returned back and I had sushi, Pringles and milk for dinner. Not sure what the other two had. 

End of a very cold Day 5… we were told that this type of weather at this time of the year is unusual for NYC…