Five Guys @ Argyll Street

It was my birthday on March 25th! Yay!!

Every year I try to do something different and I ended up spending the morning with DaddyChef at the dentist. ¬,¬” Not my idea of a great birthday… But thankfully I made a lucky escape to go and watch Cats The Musical. 

I was so hungry by the time I got to the theatre and luckily I had enough time to go and eat something before the show started. Eating in the high end the day before and then making my way to the low end the next day… 😛

I’ve been dying to try out Five Guys (for a very long time) which was right next door to the theatre and I’ve been waiting to go with Miss Pinky and Mr Picky at some point, but at every opportunity we ended up doing something different… so I made the executive decision: to try it out alone (as usual)!

Five Guys – Argyll Street

At Five Guys you have a choice of 8 burgers and 4 types of hot dogs… I think if you’re lucky you get to try out the breakfast menu, but I don’t think I’ll be getting up too early to go and eat breakfast in the West End… A guy behind me thought he could jump the queue and order before me… what a cheek… But at least he realised his mistake and made his way back to the queue…! 😛 I chose the Cheeseburger, asked for a lot of toppings and mayo. I also chose to have a soft drink and salted fries. I think the person serving me was not impressed at how many toppings I wanted… I was hungry… Not apologising for my appetite.

As I waited I noticed that the kitchen is in open view which makes you realise how much team work is needed in this place… I would be feeling very conscientious of people staring if it were me on the other side…

Back to the food… I was a little surprised with the self serving drinks machines which I had already witnessed in New York the week before. Pretty amazing… (forgot to take a picture).
My cheeseburger is actually a whopping double cheeseburger, it doesn’t look pretty but it tasted amazing. It definitely doesn’t taste like a McDonald’s burger and you can taste the juiciness of the beef straight away. I think I was happy with all my toppings as I feel like I didn’t have enough, I enjoyed eating those grilled mushrooms too – very tasty. 

I had a lot of fries in the bag so this is not the full amount I got. There was a lot to feed at least two people. ^_^

Couldn’t finish it all because I had to get to my seat but I’m likely to go and try it out again!! ^_^ 
Rushing to see Cats!!!

Total cost came to around £13.25…burger cost £8, fries £2.75 and soda was £2.50 (found the receipt in my pocket of receipts!). It would’ve been cheaper in the USA.

My geeky rating: 4.5/5
Good points:
– Tasty, tasty burger – appearances does not matter in this case
– Loved the amount of fries 
– Grilled mushrooms is the best topping
– Drinks machine is fun to use… makes you feel like you’re in the US.
Bad points:
– Expensive for a burger meal – it’s cheaper in the US!! 
Address:  5-6 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TE
Telephone: 020 7434 3407

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