The London Eye – A Birthday Ride

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been on the London Eye and surprise surprise that was on my birthday too when I was in my 20’s! ^_^ Gosh I feel so old.
I decided to revisit the London Eye since it’s one of those attractions that you should go on in London (although I didn’t think it was the greatest attraction back then) and I needed alone time to reflect on my age and what I’ve achieved so far in life… well, I think I’ve achieved a lot. I may complain about my work but I still love it (and I know my colleagues and friends think I should move on..), and there’s always my ever changing colleagues who change the atmosphere in the offices, I’ve learnt new languages and planning to learn one more then revisit Chinese and French… I’ve been to many countries and don’t regret any of the visits I’ve made so far. Hoping to see many more years of fun, fun and more fun!!! ^_^
After watching Cats The Musical I made my way to Westminster. Got off a bus stop early to take a picture of the London Eye from the opposite end… then realised my camera ran out of battery power. Noooooo!!! Thankfully I had my phone as the second option. 

Ahhh… Westminster is very pretty at sunset!

I practically ran to get to the queue, the reason being is that I wanted to watch the sunset… yeah, although I was by myself I was being all romantic… ¬_¬”” Not what I was expecting to do. Anyway, as I had pre-ordered my tickets I actually had to go and collect it from the ticket office which is in an actual building opposite the London Eye… Didn’t know that… It was different back in the day if I remembered correctly. So off I ran to the ticket office and thankfully there is an automated machine you can collect from, just make sure you have the card you used to order online (and swipe it the right way as indicated on the machine). I had bought a standard flexi ticket (£24.35) which means you can go at any time during the day if you don’t know what time you’re going to be there. Quite relieved I made that choice.

Ticket office is behind The London Eye

Ticket machine

Made my way back to the queue. They scan you for any suspicious things that could be on you or your bag. I skipped the professional picture with the fake background – like I do with so many attractions and waited for a few minutes… I was thinking they need to hurry up so that I could see the sunset!!

Back of the ticket

one of the pods passing by

Well, we managed to get on and it slowly made its way up… 

But yay!! I saw the sunset!! Slowly getting there!

It’s a 30 minute ride so I made my way around the pod and took a lot of pictures… 

Thought I should take a picture of my fellow pod people

It happened to be someone else’s birthday who was in the same pod as me… He was with friends… Well it seems that there are a lot of people like me. Happy Belated Birthday to those born on March 25th!! ^_^
When I got off I took more pictures from below… didn’t realise I missed the moon. 

I advise to buy a flexi ticket if you ultimately don’t know what time you’re going to make it.


If you like street art, keep walking towards Waterloo Bridge…

And here’s my usual birthday from Arif Bakery…
My Birthday cake!! Thanks Mr Stingy!!