Albert Bridge – London Battersea / Chelsea

Easter Monday was a great day for a walk, so I went out with MummyGeek to get some fresh air after a weekend of doing absolutely nothing!

MummyGeek was thinking back to the 1970’s (I wasn’t born then) when there were lots of ships around the Battersea area and her friends were around visiting from Hong Kong… but all that had changed when we got there (obviously mother… ¬,¬””)…

Well we were walking up to Battersea Park, we were about to enter but MummyGeek saw Albert Bridge and said we should go and have a walk along it… Obviously we were thought to be tourists as I took out my big Nikon camera (but all the pics below are from my phone, heheh).

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Albert Bridge was built in the mid-1800’s… it’s a very old bridge connecting Battersea and Chelsea and hopefully it will have extra strength to last another 100 years or so. More info on Wiki!

Looking through the wheel

Taking pictures of spider webs ^_^

Albert Bridge

If you’re out in the Battersea or Chelsea area have a walk up and down the bridge. It’s really nice on a sunny day! ^_^

Here’s Battersea Bridge… see how boring it is compared to Albert Bridge. Lol!

Battersea Bridge

And in the Walworth area here’s some blossom tree viewing – unfortunately there was a bit of rain recently and the blossoms have all gone. 😦



This was a very random picture… can you see the bee trying to hunt some nectar?

Bye bye Easter and the beautiful blossoms, but here’s to a lot of sunshine later in the year!!

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