Shaun in the City Hunt – Part 1

Aaaah!!! I’m getting old people and my friends think I’m going to run around looking for sheep this time. Baaaaaaa.
Well I spotted the one in China Town first… and from then on I didn’t want to do the hunt.
But unfortunately that didn’t work, so when I went to the National Gallery I took a picture of the one in front of Trafalgar Square… This lady was jumping behind it (lady in boots on the right – unfortunately I didn’t get that picture of her photo bombing! Hah).
Then Mr Games had to go and say he thought I was going to do the hunt and compete with Miss Goldilocks (who I haven’t seen since last year). ¬,¬” Great Mr Games… Thanks. So we spotted a couple in Leicester Square.
Woolly Jumbo

Mossy Bottom
One by Trocadero.
The Gruffalo Shaun

One in Ripleys and got a map in the meantime… I swear I wasn’t going to do this hunt!!!
This robot figure looks like Optimus Prime!

Spotted some new street art in Leicester Square by Captain Kris, ALSO and 40HK (yes, I did some research). ^_^
Captain Kris, ALSO and 40HK
And I said to Miss Money we need to go to Canary Wharf to find the Hello Kitty one!! ^_^ Hahahah. 
Hello Kitty’s #OneKindThing
Then after the weekend there were a few near where I’m studying Japanese (yes, I’m still studying Japanese… might as well since I’ve been want to learn it for such a long time!). 
This one is behind Somerset House
Pinky Plum
And two spotted after class in Covent Garden.
Candy Baa

Another One Rides the Bus
Uh… and now I’m off again, heading towards East London to find some more, 😀

It ends on May 28th. 

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